Toddler Accidentally Goes Live on Instagram At the Worst Moment and Mom Is Mortified

A mom from Rochester, New York is going viral after sharing her embarrassing experience.

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Any parent of a toddler knows all too well that finding the perfect moment to take a shower can feel impossible. So when Brianna Loos' 3-year-old Emery was engaged with a game on Mom's iPhone, the Rochester, New York mom thought she might be able to take a quick shower. But just minutes later, Loos' dreamy break turned into a total freak out when she found out her little one was broadcasting her shower live on Instagram.

Loos, who is 38 weeks pregnant with her third child, told TODAY that she had decided to "take advantage" of her daughter being "so quiet and content" by jumping in the shower.

As she began showering, Emery wandered into the bathroom asking for help with the phone. "I thought an ad had popped up and she couldn't get it off the screen, so I grabbed the phone to see what was going on," Loos told the publication.

But she realized in that moment that the app was set to live stream. "I was mortified and completely panicked," the mom recalled.

Later, Loos chatted with a friend who had been watching the live, and she figured out that her daughter had been playing with Instagram filters but lost them. And when she came into the bathroom wanting help retrieving them, all hell broke loose.

Loos told TODAY, "Luckily, I don't have a huge following on Instagram so not a lot of people saw me. My friend said she heard me scream and saw my face. I honestly didn't ask more questions because I don't want to know."

The embarrassed mom took to TikTok to share how the Instagram fiasco unfolded, and that clip has since gone viral.

Parents offered tips like, "Look up how to activate the child lock on whatever type of phone you have. I do this for my son when he wants to play his preschool games."

Others giggled about the situation, writing, "This made me snort in laughter."

And some had their own unique app horror stories. "My daughter found my secret photo album by accident and showed my 70-year-old aunt my whole kitty," wrote one commenter.

Another noted, "My niece ordered 158 Parfaits from McDonald's through Uber Eats."

Hey, all of these situations may have left parents and caregivers cringing, but at least they can laugh.

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