TikTok Mom Puts an Egg in a Sock for a Teething Relief Trick

If you would try anything to soothe your baby's sore gums, would you consider hanging an egg from your baby's door?

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Any parent who has dealt with a teething baby would try just about anything to make the pain—and the sleepless nights and whining—stop. Many desperate caregivers among us have turned to amber teething necklaces, although some experts warn about this remedy actually being more dangerous than helpful. Among the other hacks I've tried with my five kids to soothe throbbing gums are teething toys in the freezer and wine—for me, not the baby!

But have you ever heard of hanging a sock with a raw egg inside (in its shell!) in the room where your baby sleeps to solve teething woes? This idea may sound a bit unusual, but some parents swear the trick works. One believer in particular took to TikTok to share a video that demonstrates the egg trick for teething, and tons of folks want to know more considering that the video has been favorited hundreds of thousands of times.

"EXPLAINING THE EGG IN THE SOCK FOR TEETHING," the creator, who posts by the name mommyandme032, captioned her how-to TikTok, adding, "you are welcome." As the creator shared, the setup is simple. All you do is place a raw egg—again, still in the shell—in a baby sock. Then, hang the sock with a tack, a nail or a hook, above the door to your baby's room. The proof is in the pudding as far as this mom is concerned, as she says in a clip that her little one hasn't cried and is just her "usual self" at almost a year old.

The mom adds she "never even knew they came in" about her baby's mouth full of chompers, which she adorably shows us at the end of the video. Side note: Is this the cutest baby ever?

But, um, how the heck does this egg trick do anything for sore gums? As a commenter surmised, "Folks! Eggs absorb Carbon dioxide up to 7x its size. Carbon dioxide causes pressure on the gums. Remove the Carbon dioxide less pain. You're welcome."

While this is a common explanation for why the egg trick works for teething, other people theorize the seemingly-miraculous solution just provides a placebo effect. No matter—many commenters added that their grandparents and parents used this method, and it worked like a charm.

"I did this with all 3 kids. My husband thought I was crazy but it works. I don't even care about the science behind it. It just works," one parent shared. And those who had not yet tried the egg trick were immediate converts, with one parent posting this testimonial: "Ain't even been a full 12 hours since I put that egg up over the door and we have a completely different baby on our hands!"

Meanwhile, as the creator noted in a follow-up comment, be sure to change your egg about every three months to avoid it smelling. Which even if it did would be a small price to pay for a baby who slept through gum flare-ups and cried even a little less when those baby teeth start poking through.

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