TikTok Video Shows Mom Bringing Her Toddler to a Job Interview and We Need More of This

A mom shared a clip of her preparing to bring her son to a "toddler-friendly" job interview. It shines light on what working parents need. Oh, and it's also absurdly cute.

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We talk a lot about the struggles working parents face, but here's something we don't discuss enough: The challenges parents face when looking for jobs.

Child care is wildly expensive, after all-and if you're not employed, it's hard (or often impossible) to justify the cost of having someone watch your child. This poses some serious roadblocks when you're called in to an interview and realize you have no one who can watch your child. How's a parent supposed to secure a job when there's no one to step in and help out while they do what needs to be done?

A TikTok mom recently found herself in this conundrum, but luckily, she was interviewing with a company that doesn't just talk the talk, but also walks the walk when it comes to supporting working parents and creating a family-friendly culture.

Maggie Mundwiller shared a TikTok clip detailing her experience. According to the video, the mom was laid off due to COVID. During her search for another job, she was invited in for a second interview at an unnamed company-but Mundwiller couldn't find anyone to watch her toddler son, Mylo. It's a problem so many other parents have faced, and it's an undeniable hurdle that many will find impossible to clear as they search for employment.

The good news? The company where Mundwiller's interview was scheduled did what is so clearly the right thing to do in this situation: They said they were a child-friendly company and invited Mundwiller to bring her son along.

Mundwiller did just that: Mylo got dressed up in an adorable little suit, washed his stroller and the car for the occasion, and joined his mother for the interview. He even came prepared with his very own resume (check his accomplishments, which include the ability to take off his own diaper and completely destroy a clean space in 30 seconds).

This is definitely an adorable watch, but it also speaks to something much larger. It's about time we started normalizing truly child-friendly setups like this one. Bringing your child to a job interview should be an option for parents who would otherwise have to cancel that interview and miss out on a major opportunity. In fact, seeing a parent multitask and care for their kids while fielding questions about their experience and qualifications should be viewed as an impressive skill-because let's face it, the ability to multitask comes in handy no matter what your job entails.

So let's hear it for this company for truly creating a family-friendly atmosphere. For understanding that qualified candidates can't always make it to a scheduled interview because hey, life happens (especially when you have kids). For helping a mom remove a very real obstacle from her path.

And let's also give it up for this mom for sharing an account of her experience and sparking an important conversation. Let's make this a thing: Parents should be able to take their kids to interviews if they need to-they can hire child care once they've secured the job and the paycheck that comes with it.

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