TikTok Mom Shares Conversation With 'Blame-Shifting' Principal After School Incident Involving Her Child With Autism

A mom of a child who has autism recently found out that her kindergartener's school has been failing him miserably. Now, her conversation with the principal is going viral.

Following an outrageous incident at her son's special needs school, a mom's conversation with her child's principal is going viral on TikTok.

Posting under username @BrittyRed, the mom initially shared last week that she was visiting the school of her son Archie, who has autism, and he jumped out of a line he was standing in to greet her. Because the kindergartener isn't the biggest fan of school, he was especially elated to see his mom. But that's when a teacher intervened, got in the child's face, and began yelling at him for stepping out of line, according to @BrittyRed.

On the heels of the incident, @BrittyRed spoke with the principal of the school, which she described as a public school that is meant for children who have special needs like her son. @BrittyRed encouraged viewers to take note of the fact that the principal was "gaslighting and blame-shifting." She writes, "Absolutely no accommodations for him and blaming me."

In the clip, you hear a speakerphone conversation between the mom and the principal who denies any mistreatment of the boy. "Can you then explain to me why my child is terrified to go to school in kindergarten?" asks the TikTok mom.

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"I can't answer that for you, ma'am, I've not worked with your child," the principal replies.

In response, @BrittyRed asserts, "I guess the only answer is to just pull him."

She explains that her son was supposed to be receiving special services—physical, occupational, and speech therapies—through an individualized education program (IEP), but a teacher approached her privately saying his needs were not being met. @BrittyRed notes that no one helped her son for three months. To that, the principal responds, "That is not true, that is not accurate."

While the two ultimately seem to agree to disagree, @BrittyRed emphasizes that her son is "scared" to go to school, screaming and crying at drop-off every morning, so she feels she'll need to pull him from the school.

The clip has since gone viral, wracking up over 852K views.

In the comments, TikTokkers empathized with @BrittyRed, pointing out all the inconsistencies that came up in the conversation, like the fact that the principal initially said the child was receiving he services he was meant to but then saying that she wasn't sure.

"Pull him out of that school. If the answer is anything but 'We'll get to the bottom of this,' they're used to gaslighting their parents and students," concluded one commenter.

In follow-up posts, @BrittyRed confirms that she did make the call to pull Archie from the public school and send him to a private one, which he's starting this week. In her final update, the mom explains that she initially shared the conversation with the principal for family and friends to see what they were up against, but ultimately, she's glad she was able to raise awareness around "what it's like to deal with a school that's not prepared to provide accommodations for a disabled child who needs it."

She was also saddened but heartened to see through the experience that other parents had gone through similar struggles with their children.

Here's hoping @BrittyRed's story does serve to reassure parents of children who have autism that they are not alone and empower them to stand up for the education they deserve.

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