TikTok Mom Gets Shamed for Kissing Daughter on Lips—Must We Remind Everyone That Parental Affection Is OK?

TikTokers need to take several seats after mom-shaming one woman for showing affection toward her daughter.

Kids and parents show love and affection toward one another in different ways. Some simply enjoy spending time together but aren't into hugs and kisses. Others like to touch and cuddle. These differences shouldn't be controversial, but leave it to the internet to turn a sweet moment between a mom and her kid into a heated debate.

In the video, the mom, who posted as @dhruvtaraaggarwal103 on TikTok, is seen sitting on a train in Sydney, Australia, with her young child. The two kiss repeatedly for about eight seconds as soft music plays in the background. The words "kiss time" are at the top of the video in large red letters.

It's a pretty heartwarming post and a nice diversion from some of the other things floating around on social media these days. But some of the comments were brutal.

"A serious question. Why did you kiss your child that way?" posted one negative TikToker. "Don't kiss your child that way," said another parent shamer. And one person just wanted to know, "Why?"

Maybe because she loves her child, and the kid clearly doesn't have a problem with it. The better question here is probably: Why not?

Some posters came to the mom's defense, though. "She is simply standing there, and that is her baby doing all of [the kissing]," one person wrote. And another person hit the nail on the head when they told everyone to "calm down."

Unfortunately, people didn't calm down. The whole thing got so bad she even shut off comments and at one point appeared to have deleted her account.

The internet really does need to take a chill pill. This "controversial topic" seems to pop up every few years. Victoria and David Beckham got dragged on social media for kissing their daughter, Harper, on the lips. And Hilary Duff unnecessarily came under fire for giving her 4-year-old son, Luca, a smooch a few years ago.

But other parents and even experts say that it's perfectly normal to kiss your kids on the lips. As long as the child is OK with it, everyone else should be, too. Let's stop sexualizing these moments, people. With so much going on in the world, a parent and baby showing love for one another should be celebrated, not scorned.

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