TikTok Is Loving This Toddler 'Doctor' and Honestly She's the Energy We Need Through the Rest of the Pandemic

You'll wish the adorable Dr. Harmony made house calls where you live.

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You may be burned out on COVID-19 news and doing everything you can to avoid doctor visits these days, but this toddler "doctor" on TikTok is so sweet and so pure, she'll leave you wishing for a checkup.

It's no wonder 2-year-old Harmony is a natural TikTok star—she's exactly the breath of fresh air we could all use after a yearlong pandemic. The account she's featured on, @thehannafamily_, has over 529,000 followers, and her mom regularly posts Harmony's cute antics, including her adorable laugh, love of Rihanna, and excitement over becoming a big sister.

The latest TikTok to go viral: Harmony dressing up as a doctor and checking her mom, who, naturally, was playing patient in her toddler's new big girl bed.

"You sick?" Harmony can be seen questioning her mother—err, patient—after knocking on the door and making her way over to the bed. "Oh no," she says while letting out a gasp. "Mom, you got a fever." Luckily for her mom, Harmony's got the meds on hand and it looks like there'll be a full recovery.

As many parents know, COVID-19 has completely changed things for our kids. They stay home more than they go out, their social circles are small, and things like masks and temperature checks are second nature. Even my own 2-year-old is so used to having his temperature taken before daycare each morning that the forehead thermometer is on regular rotation with his other favorite toys. Even his stuffed animals get checked, and he swiped his pediatrician's stethoscope at his last well visit to check her heartbeat.

Seems like the same can be said of Harmony, who can be seen playing with her doctor set in a few TikToks. Lucky for her mom, too, who gets to reap the benefits of one of the top tips for toddler parents: Any game or activity you can play with your kid while also sitting or laying down gives moms and dads a much-needed break.

Harmony's followers just can't get enough of the videos. "I trust this doctor with my life," commented one. "She has great bedside manner," said another.

"This was my daughter for real," another commenter said. "She's an ER nurse now!"

Is a career in health care in store for Harmony? It's a little early to tell, but we can all just enjoy following what she's up to in the meantime.

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