TikTok Hack Gives Parents a Genius Way to Repurpose Their Kids' Old Onesies

Babies grow fast! One TikTok parent offers a useful way to use all those onesies your little ones have outgrown.

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When it comes to baby clothes, there's a big lesson all parents quickly learn: all those cute little numbers you bought ahead of your baby's arrival are mostly useless. Well, at least in those first few months (use them for newborn photos, then stash 'em away unless you want those overpriced garments covered in a delightful mélange of vomit, milk, and poop).

So what's a parent to do? The answer, of course, is to stock up on affordable onesies. Trust: Your kid will rock these onesies sans pants all the time due to their low-maintenance vibe and diaper change-friendly design.

But by the time you've really internalized that Parenting 101 lesson, you'll realize that those onesies, while tremendously useful in the short term, won't fit that growing baby forever. You're left with a surplus of too-small stuff that you could either donate, stain-saturated as they may be, or simply toss.

That is, until now. Because a TikTok hack is giving us a way to use those old onesies and it's kind of genius. The hack, which comes from TikTok user @xotiny__, requires just a pair of scissors and a onesie.

In the video detailing the hack, you can see someone simply snip off the bottom of the onesie. As it turns out, the bottom piece (which typically has buttons for easy diaper changing), works perfectly as a bib. Who knew?

The best part? Unlike baby clothes, bibs aren't something your kids will outgrow in the blink of an eye. And, as any parent will tell you, you can always use more bibs once those babies start teething and eating solids. If your baby outgrows onesies by length first, you also have the option of using what's left of that onesie as a little T-shirt.

This hack is both useful and so simple (no serious crafting or sewing skills required), and parents of the internet are loving it. "Ok this is low key genius," one commenter writes. And when a few commenters chime in to say that bibs are actually cheaper than onesies, fellow users point out that this hack is meant for onesies that have already been used as clothing—you're simply repurposing them after the fact, which is definitely a money-saving move.

The bottom line? We love a good TikTok hack, and this one checks all the boxes: It's realistic for even the most artistically challenged among us, it helps you save a few bucks, and it produces an item (or two) that's actually useful. We'd say it's a win all around.

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