TikTok Dad Records His Toddler 'Pulling Off the Escape of a Lifetime' From His Car Seat

A dad from California, who posts on TikTok under BeleafInFatherhood, shared how his almost 2-year-old son stealthily escaped his car seat buckle.

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Knowing just how important it is to properly install and use a car seat, parents twist themselves into knots to ensure that a toddler is safe when on the road. But stealthy kids can still outsmart their parents, as evidenced by a hilarious TikTok shared by Glen Henry, a digital storyteller who runs the brand Beleaf in Fatherhood.

In the clip, Henry creatively narrates a "Fatherhood Breakdown" moment in which his toddler son Uziah got buckled into his car seat and then pulled off "the escape of a lifetime."

Peppering the clip with funny captions like "He's a wizard" and "Boss Baby Energy," Henry urges his viewers to "pay attention to the side eye," noting that during the process, Uzi exudes "Stewie Griffin-type energy"—aka he doesn't care about your feelings. Then, as soon as Dad closes the door, he "looks left and looks right" before picking the lock on his harness. Like a mini Houdini, "Hulk Hogans" his way out of the seatbelt.

"He has proved to me that nothing is baby-proof unless it is bulletproof," says Henry.

Once free, Uzi proceeds to "pop his head out like he missed his bus stop." But soon, his older siblings—Theo, 8, Uriah, 6, Anaya, 3—are tattling on him, causing Mom to circle around to the backseat "giving him the mom look that only a mom can give." She proceeds to tell him that he needs to keep his seatbelt on, and fingers crossed, that did the trick.

The video has racked up 9.5 million loves and more than 101K comments from a variety of entertained TikTok users.

The California-based dad told People back in February that he decided to take a creative approach to spending time with his kids by creating videos, which grew into what he does today. "When I started vlogging, I wasn't documenting the kids for entertainment," noted Henry. "I was doing it for education. I was a new parent so I didn't know what was normal or abnormal. I would capture video and then post it to see if I was the only parent dealing with the things I was going through, and people started responding to it. They would encourage me and affirm me as a father."

As evidenced by the comments on this TikTok, Henry is far from the only parent who has a baby Houdini on their hands. And despite being cause for toddler-induced headaches all around, that has to be both affirming and reassuring for the proud dad of four.

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