Numerous posts on TikTok reference April 24 as National Sexual Assault Day, and, although the origins of the trend are unconfirmed, kids still might come across posts referencing the threat of sexual violence.

By Maressa Brown
April 19, 2021
An image of the TikTok app on the phone.
Credit: Getty Images.

The latest trend to sweep TikTok requires a serious trigger warning. Various TikTok users are posting videos noting that "a group of six men" have declared April 24 National Sexual Assault Day. While the origin of the disturbing trend has yet to be reported, the videos center around warning people to take caution later this week.

"So I literally just saw a video on TikTok, and I had to make a video myself because most of my followers are women," noted one TikTok user who posts under the handle @la.tania.ftn2.

Another whose handle is @showme_yourmask noted, "The trolls of the internet have declared April 24 [National Rape Day]," explaining that some people believe it's real, while others think it's a joke, but "out of an abundance of caution," she thinks people should "stay home."

What's the Origin of the Disturbing April 24 TikTok Trend?

According to, posts about "National Rape Day" date back to 2010 on Twitter and 2015 on 4chan, but no references have actually cited April 24. And in 2019, an Urban Dictionary user named KossanTone published a now-deleted definition for "National Rape Day," defining it as April 24.

The site also reported that while videos created by the "group of six men" reportedly went up in March, none have surfaced and no accounts have been found actively supporting this horrifying trend on the app.

Nonetheless, the TikToks, albeit made with the intention of protecting other users, could undoubtedly prove terrifying to tweens or teens who come across them in their feed.

How Should Parents Discuss April 24?

Parents whose teens are TikTok regulars might do well to remind kids that if they see anything that promotes rape, sexual assault, or violence, they should block the videos and report them to the app as well.

This might also present an opportunity for parents to discuss sexual violence with children in order to reassure them that the lines of communication are open should they have any questions or concerns on the subject.