TikTok Can't Get Enough of This Mom With 12 Kids

Britni Church has spent about eight of her 33 years on this earth pregnant and shares behind-the-scenes moments of her family life with Parents.

Content creator Britni Church with family
Photo: Courtesy of Britni Church

Remember Jon and Kate Plus 8?

They've got nothing on Britni Church. The 33-year-old is a mom of 12—yes, 12. She gave birth to her first child, Crizman, in 2004 at the age of 16. She's been pregnant nearly every year since, except for 2013 and 2017. She promises she's not currently pregnant. Church is pretty sure she's done with that. Keyword: Pretty.

"I'm not 100% sure we're done, but I'd say I'm 90% sure," Church told Parents.

She and her husband, Chris, have six kids together: Silas, 7; Christopher, Jr.. 5; 3-year-old triplets Oliver, Asher, and Abel; and Rowyn, 11 months.

Crizman, now 17; Jordan, 16; Caleb, 14; Jace, 13; Cadence, 12; and Jesalyn, 10, are from previous relationships.

If you're trying to do the math at home, let us help you. She's been pregnant for about 98 months of her life—more than eight years.

Crizman and Rowyn are about 16 years apart, but Church says she and her husband have found ways to embrace and manage the large age gaps.

"We do a lot of activities as a family that everyone can be involved in," says Church. "We get a lot of quality time as a family, but I also spend a lot of one-on-one time with the kids, too. Between shopping and appointments, sometimes I will take three or four to the movies. My husband will take the kids fishing."

It's not for everyone, but Church loves her big family.

"Having 12 kids is a huge blessing. There's always somebody around to do something with," Church told Parents.

What's it like caring for 12 kids? For starters, it's not cheap. Church told TODAY she spends $200 on milk. She offers a peek into the beautiful chaos on her TikTok. She posts under the appropriate name @ourlargefamily and boasts 1.8 million followers.

In one video, Church shares the family needs two fridges. Even then, the kids go through food fast. "It's…not full at all. How is that possible?" Church says as the camera to pans a mostly empty fridge.

It's not always crazy. Church recently posted a sweet video of several of her kids riding in a Bunch bike with the caption "making memories."

Church knows people have questions, and she's not afraid to answer them. For example, how many until she's satisfied?

"I'm very content and happy and grateful for the children that I have. I didn't just wake up and be like, 'I'm going to have 12 children,'" Church said.

Other questions had a snarkier tone, and Church clapped back, too.

"Just…why? What are you trying to achieve?" someone asked.

"I don't really understand the question. I'm not trying to achieve anything. It's just kind of how my life happened," Church said.

TikTokers were so there for that response.

"Well said," wrote one.

"What a classy way to respond to such a rude person," said another.

Families come in all sizes. Whether you're one and done, have 12 kids and are open to more, or don't want children at all, you're doing it right as long as everyone is healthy and happy.

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