TikTok Asks to 'Tell Me Your Child Is Pooping Without Telling Me' and Every Parent Knows What That Face Means

Hundreds of parents are sharing glimpses at the universal, ahem, experience.

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TikTok parents want to tell you about parenting life—without actually telling you. From "tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids" to "tell me your kid goes to daycare without telling me they go to daycare," parents have been jumping on trends that challenge them to present something that basically illustrates something in a funny, unique, relatable way versus saying it outright. The latest: "Tell me your child is pooping without telling me."

The trend started when TikTok user @hsearfoss shared a photo of baby Elliot sitting in his highchair and grunting repeatedly. The mom captioned the clip, "Poor guy."

Other parents have chimed in since, sharing their own glimpses of little ones going #2.

TikTok user @jonandkatie wrote, "Why do they make it so obvious tho?"

Another parent shared a clip of their child in a crib crying over the whole thing "a long time ago," indicating that they scrolled through their camera roll to find the perfect video.

Some babies seem downright befuddled by their tiny body's natural functions.

The trend is clearly cracking baby and toddler parents up, but the trend does raise questions about boundaries. After all, it remains to be seen how these kids might react to posts like these as they grow up.

That said, while hopping on this challenge might not be for everyone, it does go to show that whether you cloth diaper, bottle feed, swear by bed sharing or a particular type of sleep training, some aspects of raising a kid are undoubtedly universal.

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