Genius TikTok Mom Erases Marker and Crayon Stains on Cabinets With Toothpaste

One little one got creative—by coloring on cabinets. Leave it to Mom to find a cheap, effective solution for getting them clean again.

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Little kids can take rather large creative licenses. Paper and coloring books? Those get a bit stale for some small-sized artists. And so, they move on—to your walls, furniture, and cabinets.

The problem: It's not easy to clean up these extra-special art projects, as crayon and marker on hard surfaces are notoriously challenging to clean. One mom whose toddler drew all over her cabinets got a little creative herself, though, and she shared her genius trick in a video on TikTok.

Jessica Sedgewick, who goes by @leighsphotogrpahy09 on the platform, starts by showing viewers an area her daughter used as a canvas and a tube of Colgate. After she applies the toothpaste to the cloth and begins to rub it against the surface, almost instantly, they look as good as new.

The video hasn't gone viral yet, though, frankly, it should. But it turns out, toothpaste hacks are all the rage on TikTok—who knew?

In April, one TikToker, who goes by @kalaniballfree, showed everyone how toothpaste and a little water could make your car's headlights pristine. The video racked up more than 10K likes.

TikTok user @scrubshanny, the self-proclaimed Mrs. Danny Tanner, in a nod to the squeaky-clean Full House dad, recently used toothpaste and a sponge to clean her skin. Where did she get the idea? TikTok, of course.

People were a bit skeptical of that one, though. "Comet does the same thing, and you can get it for $1 at the dollar store," said one commenter. "We can't see the final job. It makes me doubt it works," said another.

When it comes to these minty-fresh cleaning hacks, of course, there's no guarantee. And you may just have to try for yourself.

Prevention may be the best cure for parents who don't want to have to even think about using toothpaste to clean markings off of surfaces in their homes. Of course, you don't want to stunt your child's creativity, either. Choosing fun (marker-, crayon-, and paint-free) projects, such as stamped napkins and collage drawings, can give them an outlet to get artistic without causing as much parental stress.

Depending on their age, you can also explore other ways to get creative, like building a house using toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes or writing a mystery together.

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