This Viral Twitter Thread About a Boy Who Brought a Toaster to School Is Pure Joy

This kid's act of kindness was genius and hilarious, but it's not the first time he's been generous with his resources.

Photos of boy holding pop-tarts and the backpack and toaster he brought to school
Photo: Elisa Stone Leahy

Kids get into weird mischief all the time. This is not news to any parent anywhere. When that mischief takes an amazing turn, though, it can be a great reminder of just how awesome kids can be.

Just ask writer Elisa Stone Leahy (@ElisaStoneLeahy on Twitter), whose son had a rather unusual run-in with school authorities recently.

"Apparently my kid got in trouble today for PACKING OUR TOASTER IN HIS BACKPACK and pulling it out at lunch to make pop tarts for his class. I can't stop laughing," she wrote. And who can blame her? It's a funny situation, to be sure.

The trouble wasn't major, thankfully. In fact, it sounds as if those in charge really just wanted to avoid becoming the area's Pop-Tarts Dispensary:

And this is where the story takes its epic turn—it turns out that her kiddo wanted to help feed his fellow classmates:

It turns out Elisa's son has always had a very giving heart; he often doesn't see excess without wanting to make sure others are taken care of. When he received a financial gift for starting cancer treatment several years ago, he used it to buy Lego sets for other kids in the hospital.

By the way, if you're wondering how he pulled this off without anyone noticing, it seems that the backpack in question could be carried by Mary Poppins (seriously, does this thing have a bottom?). However, the toaster is apparently on it's last leg so Elisa was surprised it made the trip.

This story has been a breath of fresh air amongst a lot of negative coverage lately, and Elisa's family is hearing about the joy they've brought from many people—that is, besides the over 800k people who have interacted with the thread. Kellogg's has already agreed to send Pop-Tarts to the school, and to make a large donation to No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending US childhood hunger.

When asked to comment on the overwhelming response to her son's kindness, Elisa says, "This has been wild. I'm glad it's bringing people joy. Pop-Tarts is sending Pop-Tarts to the school, the donations to food banks, there is a news station who wants to film a whole segment in a couple weeks when we are back from Spring's very unexpected."

Despite the surprise of it, though, Leahy is above-all proud of her Lego movie-making, world-changer of a son. "It warms my heart," she says, "to know that people are getting fed because of my son's last minute decision to smuggle a toaster into school."

Elisa asks that if you are inspired by her story, that you donate to her local food bank.

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