Karen Marie Hourscht of Belly Beautiful Portraits has worked her Disney-inspired magic again, this time with a Toy Story-inspired series.

Toy story newborn shoot

June 27, 2019

Karen Marie Hourscht, a mom of three and the professional photographer behind Belly Beautiful Portraits in Roseville, California, has made headlines time and again for her gorgeous Disney-themed newborn photo shoots. She's recreated the looks of some of the most beloved Disney princesses not once but twice. It's no wonder her work has gone viral once more. This time, drawing inspiration from Toy Story, Hourscht photographed twin brothers dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

The L.O.s were dressed up in crocheted outfits made by The Yarn Mermaid, then posed on a "toy shelf" along with Rex.

"I loved getting the set up perfectly," Hourscht tells Parents.com. "I always enjoy seeing a vision brought to life with these sweet babies."

She reveals that the twins' parents, who requested Toy Story as the theme of the shoot, were thrilled with the result. "Watching the parents look at their babies with so much love and then seeing the photos is my favorite part," Hourscht notes. "I know I’m capturing something that they will cherish forever."

Check out the rest of the adorable shots below.

toy story photo shoot
toy story photo shoot
toy story photo shoot

Given all the buzz Toy Story 4 is generating for the already beloved franchise right now, this sweet shoot couldn't be more perfectly timed. Props to Hourscht for (unsurprisingly!) hitting this one out of the park.