This TikToker's Little Sister Got Dress-Coded for Wearing an Off-The-Shoulder Top

A woman on TikTok is speaking out on how bananas her younger sister's school dress code is.

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Even before the pandemic, parents were questioning schools' antiquated, sexist dress codes. More recently, they've wondered what's up with the double standards involving masking and dress codes. Now, a TikTok influencer named Arianna Hailey is calling out her younger sister's school for their eyebrow-raising, sexist policy.

Hailey, who has more than 9.7 million followers on the social media app, explains in a now-viral clip that her "little sister got dress coded," so she "went up to the school." She then documented her interactions with her sister and school officials.

Apparently, the issue was that her sister's shoulders were exposed in an off-the-shoulder top. In the TikTok, Hailey remarks, "I'm just confused as to why shoulders are distracting."

The response was deafening silence. Hailey then proceeds to wait for her sister's principal, telling her sibling, "You're not changing. You look really cute."

She then tells the school official, "This is an outfit she would wear to church," but the bottom-line, according to the school was that the outfit posed "a shoulder issue."

Later, in her car, Hailey addresses the camera incredulously, "SHOULDERS?! You're telling me that a boy in middle school would look at my sister like that, and be like, 'Dang, I want that in my SHEETS!' ... I'm done."

In the comments, she elaborated that if she hadn't brought a change of clothes for her sister, she would have had to serve an in-school suspension.

Commenters were equally stunned by the outrageous policy. "My jaw DROPPED when I saw the outfit. The school is insane," one wrote.

Another observed, "What's actually distracting is taking a child out of class because she has … *checks notes* ... shoulders."

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And a third summed the non-controversy all up perfectly: "Instead of giving girls and women restrictions, they should teach those boys some self-control and manners. It's not that hard."

Here's hoping Hailey's TikTok inspires other siblings and parents to stand up and push for a long overdue overhaul—or better yet, eradication—of antiquated, sexist dress codes.

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