Parents Nail the ‘Tell Me You Have Kids Without Telling Me’ Trend

"I haven’t used the bathroom in peace in 15 years."

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TikTok users are no strangers to challenges gone viral, but the latest one targeted to parents is producing the Most. Hilarious. Responses.

"Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids," TikTok user @mommacusses—aka Gwenna Laithland, creator and founder of the website Momma Cusses and a mom of three in Noble, Oklahoma—asked their followers, unknowingly starting the most realistic parenting prompt of 2020.

For this mom, it's the fact that decorations get "far less breakable" the further down the house you look. All the kid-safe stuff is lowest to the floor, which most parents—especially those with toddlers—can understand.

And then the real fun began. People started pouring in on TikTok and all over social media with their own proof that they were, undoubtedly, parents. They shared the kinds of things you just don't really experience if you haven't been blessed/cursed with children in your life. These were the top trends.

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Kid Food Is Life

For TikTok user @gia.cody it was a fridge completely packed with treats the kids can't get enough of, and user @piercehan showed off all the little bite marks in the fruit in their house.

And @marktechson tweeted, "I found a chunk of chicken nugget in my pocket and I'm a vegetarian." Happens to the best of us.

OMG the Mess

TikTok user @kristenmarie1231 showed off a car full of wrappers and crumbs, but the mess in @shelbylehmkuhl's house might take the cake.

For @LeighJKBoerner, the underwear on the Christmas tree is a dead giveaway that children are nearby.

Unfortunately for some parents, though, their kids' mess can usually be found on them. "I walk around looking like a human napkin. Sigh," @k8charles wrote on Instagram. And TikTok user @bankingonthebanks showed off a sweatshirt covered in spit-up. Looks about right.

Their Identity Has Changed

"I know more Disney song lyrics than that of the Billboard Top 100 chart toppers.... and I’m okay with it," wrote @mkaw216.

And this is one most parents can relate to: "I forget my actual first name...last 19 years it's just been MoM," @brm83 wrote on Instagram.

Poop Completely Takes Over

Definitive proof of kids? "Definitely the number of times in my life I’ve had to ask 'why is there poop on the wall?!?'" @hotmesshess13 commented on Instagram.

And @lollypop1443 is wondering why the heck there's "unflushed poop in the toilet....again?!"

"I give treats for pooping," @IsaiBCortez wrote on Twitter. I get it: Mini marshmallows are prime potty treats for my 2-year-old.

Your turn: Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids. As for me? I've used my own sleeve as a tissue for someone else before. And I'll probably do it again soon.

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