This TikTok Grandma Has a Refreshing Take On Her Adult Child's Babysitting Instructions

We love how this granny explained the real reason it's so important to respect your grown kids' babysitting instructions.

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In the hierarchy of difficult familial relationships, the dynamic between grandparents and parents is definitely up there. Because yes, they raised you, but now you are raising your own kids and sometimes differing feelings about how exactly to do this creates tension. That's why we are big fans of a TikTok grandma who doesn't push back on instructions to take care of her grandchildren—in fact, she embraces her kids' wishes.

In the viral video, the TikTok grandma, who creates content with the user name gwenith_rachelle, first shares a clip of another grandmother smirking at the notion of having to follow instructions while caring for her grandchild. That's when this grandma steps in to share her thoughts, noting that whenever she watches her grandson, she'll ask his parents for their instructions on when to feed him his bottles and what foods are appropriate. "I respect them as parents," she states adamantly, adding, "I think there's no quicker way to disrespect your grown adult children than to kind of have that mentally of, 'I've had kids, so I know what I'm doing.'"

That's when the creator notes she has raised five kids, and she still needs help to understand what her grandson's unique schedule and needs are. "It's just a respect thing," she concludes, leading us all to collectively wish this woman was our mom or mother-in-law. Also, we're kind of in disbelief that she has five children and is a grandma in the first place. That aside, all hail this amazing grandparent.

In the comments section, users were stepping up to pat the poster on the back. "I know it's bare minimum, but thank you for respecting your son & DIL's parenting routine. I wish more people were like you," one person commended the grandmother.

"And that's how to maintain a healthy relationship with your adult children and their babies!!" noted someone else. Another commenter brought up a very good point, saying, "Babies' safety things have changed so much in the last 20-30 years. My mil tried putting my baby to sleep on their tummy; yes I will leave a list."

Another poster added, "And research changes. My parents fed us as young as 6 wks. They belittled me for waiting b/c studies show it's healthier and safer." Indeed, things have changed since I had my first child 13 years ago and then recently welcomed our fifth child last year!

Bottom line: I think we all want to anonymously send this TikTok to the grandparents in our lives. Because raise your hand if your parents or in-laws have ever read the instructions you provided and seemed like they were cool with everything, but you detected a bit of an eye roll.

This grandma really said it best: All we as parents want is respect from our parents. We love them and appreciate everything they did for us to get us this far. Now it's our turn to take all of the guidance they shared and apply what we want to raise our own children—while maybe ditching a few things we aren't so fond of.

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