Her preschooler unbuckled her seat belt, so the mom pulled over to buckle her back in—and was shamed and recorded for it, according to Reddit.

By Libby Ryan
car seat buckle
Credit: Odua Images/Shutterstock

June 25, 2019

One mom recently had two shocks in a row that she shared on Reddit’s Mommit forum. First, her 4-year-old daughter unbuckled her car seat while the family was driving home. And second, when Mom pulled over to strap her kid back in, she found herself being yelled at and filmed. 

“I was shamed and video recorded by strangers and even though everyone says I didn't do anything wrong and not to worry, it's really bothering me,” the mom wrote on Reddit. “I feel so angry, sad, and humiliated.”

The mom shared on Reddit that she and her two children (aged 8 and 4) were driving home when the younger one dropped a toy on the floor of the car and secretly unbuckled herself to get it back. “I heard the click of seat and asked what was going on and my 8-year-old told me his sister was taking her buckles off,” the mom wrote. “I told her to stop immediately, stay sitting back in her seat.”

Mom pulled the car into a grocery store parking lot, got out, and put her daughter back in her seat. She also explained that she can “never unbuckle while we are driving,” according to the Reddit post. But suddenly passengers in a nearby car got in her business. “They began filming me on their phone and yelling at me saying I was stupid and they just kept driving around my car filming me and yelling.”

It’s a little unclear what these hecklers wanted, but Reddit was with the mom (and so are we). Filming someone trying their best to take care of their child is not OK.

“There was literally no way you could have made a better choice...you did the exact right thing,” commented a Reddit user. “I wonder what they thought you had done? Whatever it was, their behavior was completely unacceptable.”

Mom shaming happens way too often—surveys show between 60 and 80 percent of moms report being shamed or bullied for their parenting choices.

“While I feel like I did the right thing for the safety of my child, I can't help but feel super upset that they did that to me,” the Reddit posting mom wrote. “I have never been shamed as a mother before and I must say it really hurts. It really bothers me that this video might be on the internet for people to see.”

Whether it’s an inexplicable reason like an unstrapped car seat, breastfeeding (or not breastfeeding), or bedtimes, it’s time to bring an end to the mom-shaming.