This Mom of 6 and Oldest of 12 Started a YouTube Channel for Adulting 101

Big sister to 11 siblings and mom to half-a-dozen kids, this mom knows a thing or two about being an adult. So she's turned to the internet to share her wisdom on everything from how to fold a fitted sheet to how to make a simple spaghetti dinner.

One of the scariest parts about becoming a parent is realizing how many adult things you have no idea how to do. I can't even tell you the amount of times I called my own parents with questions—"Mom, does this look normal?"—or consulted Google for everything from diaper rashes to child-proofing to making the perfect scrambled eggs. Heck, my dad came over to help apply wallpaper and secure a bookshelf in the nursery before my son was even born.

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There are just some things you'll always need a little help with. Enter: Mom, How Do I?, a new YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people to do everyday life skills, like how to fold fitted sheets, cook a basic spaghetti dinner, and do the laundry. Inspired by Rob Kenney's Dad, How Do I? channel (which, you guessed it, gives practical "dad" advice on everything from unclogging a drain to changing a tire) this mom explained to viewers in an introduction video that she "wanted to see a how-to channel for how to do mom-type things, things that everyone—no matter your gender—would need to know. Things like how to do laundry, cooking, cleaning, sewing, self-help care, mental health care."

As it turns out, lots of people want to see these "mom-type things"—more than 10,500 people have subscribed to the channel since it launched on May 20. And this mom, who's the oldest of 12 children and has six kids of her own, is giving users the Adulting 101 they're searching for.

Viewers appreciate this mom's advice, showering her with love in the comments. "We NEED content like this out there for those who are not blessed with active parents or [are] raising themselves. Thanks mom," wrote one. "Thank you for these, my mom died when I was 9 and it's hard growing being a woman without a mother. Especially when I want to be a mom one day," wrote another.

Others are overjoyed with the fact that both Mom, How Do I? and Dad, How Do I? exist, especially as many have been forced to socially distance from their own parents: "My heart is filled with wholesomeness by the mom and dad of YouTube." In uncertain times, it's nice to know that Mom and Dad still have your back.

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