The expectant mom showed up to her maternity shoot fully resembling the Dr. Seuss character, and the photos are a sight to behold.

By Maressa Brown
December 24, 2020
Credit: Jordyn Photography

2020 has been a dark, challenging, downright bizarre year, and everyone has had their own unique coping mechanisms. One mom-to-be decided the best way to deal was by channeling the Grinch this holiday season. When Tiffany Langer scheduled her maternity photoshoot with her friend, professional photographer Jordyn Volk of Jordyn Photography in Aberdeen, South Dakota, she joked that she was going to arrive dressed like the Dr. Seuss character. "And that's how she showed up to her session," recalls Volk. "She's such a hoot—I really didn't expect anything less!"

Volk says Langer says she describes herself as "such a Grinch at Christmas time," and when she saw someone else dressed as the character for Halloween, she was inspired to create her own look with a little help from her friends.

Credit: Jordyn Photography

One of Langer's best friends, Audra Arampatzis of Audra Day Spa & Salon, is a makeup artist, and another friend sewed her costume. "Then, [Volk] is the most fun photographer who I knew would play right into the surprise, so it came together so well," says Langer. "Also, 2020 has been such a crazy year. What better way to send it out with a bang!”

And that's what she and Volk did by creating a memorable series of stunning, hilarious images.

Credit: Jordyn Photography
Credit: Jordyn Photography
Credit: Jordyn Photography

When Volk shared the series on her Facebook page, it was met with nearly 2K gleeful reactions. She later featured the shoot on her TikTok and Instagram.

"It has seemed to add a ton of smiles and laughter during this crazy time," says Volk. "She even got asked to go around town dressed the same way to bring some joy before the holidays!" If that isn't a memorable way to to close out 2020 and usher in a new chapter, what is?


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