Dad's Viral TikTok 'Review' of His New Baby Is a 10/10

One dad had some fun with his verifiably adorable little boy, and parents will relate to the sweet, candid video.

An image of a dad holding his newborn baby.
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Does anyone buy anything without reading online reviews anymore? Learning about other people's experiences with a product, whether a new mattress or a SodaStream, gives us a better idea of what we'll get into if we purchase it.

One dad decided to have fun and put his twist on internet reviews in a viral TikTok video about his baby.

In the video, which more than 600 thousand people have liked since February 2021, the dad explains he "just got him about two months ago."

"The cheeks are very chunky and very kissable," says the dad posting under the username thedavisfamily.4. (Claim: Verified. Just look at those cheeks!)

The baby doesn't come with everything, though. You'll need to get clothes and diapers, but "you can get them anywhere," he notes, adding, "Overall, he's a pretty good baby until he's hungry. Then, he goes crazy." (But that's understandable; adults get "hangry" too!)

As for how to get yourself a baby, thedavisfamily.4 explains that "It only takes one grown-up transaction."

So, would he recommend babies? Yes, the proud father recommends babies for any family. Would he have more? "I don't know, but I have him."

It didn't take long for commenters to join in on the fun—more than 10 thousand of them, to be exact.

"Delivery takes 9 to 10 months," jokes one commenter. (Hey, that's potentially less time than it takes to get some hot ticket items like a Peloton.) Another user quips, "Do you have a promo code? I'm on a budget."

Wouldn't it be nice to know what you were getting into as a parent? If there were "reviews" about babies, maybe parents would waste less time deciding on the "best" crib or curating the perfect registry. After all, you'd learn that some prefer a pack 'n play in their parent's room for a while, and their favorite toys include water bottles, coasters, and baseball caps.

Then again, part of the fun of parenting is getting to know your kid and watching them surprise you time and time again. Regardless, it's always heartwarming to see a caregiver like this dad who is in love with their kid. And that sweet baby boy really is a 13/10.

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