This Cervix Dilation Chart is Made of Easter Eggs, and It's as Delicious as It is Useful

The seasonally-appropriate cervix dilation chart was created by U.K.-based baby yoga studio Kalma Baby.

Kalma baby egg chart
Photo: Kalma Baby

April 11, 2019

With Easter quickly approaching, stores shelves brimming with every kind of chocolate, malted, and cream-filled egg-shaped candy you can dream of. Turns out these treats are good for more than smashing your sweet tooth. A U.K.-based baby yoga company called Kalma Baby recently took to their blog to share a clever, charming cervical dilation chart using candy Easter eggs. Because it's just so darn cute—and useful!—it quickly went viral.

The blog post explains, "We thought we would put our two favorite things together…Easter and Pregnancy! ... Sometimes looking at a cervix dilation chart can help people to understand what’s happening at each stage of labor."

They note that medically-speaking, there are three stages of dilation during labor:

  • Stage one: early, active, and transition labor. Contractions begin, the cervix dilates, and the baby moves down in the pelvis. Stage one is complete when the cervix has dilated to 10 centimeters (cm).
  • Stage two: The body begins pushing out the baby. During this stage, women often feel a strong urge to push. This stage ends with the birth of the baby.
  • Stage three: Contractions push out the placenta. This stage ends with the delivery of the placenta

It's during stage one that the cervix dilates up to 10cm, and they pointed out that the following Easter egg candies can be used to illustrate each centimeter of dilation:

The mini egg shows 1cm. "Nothing's getting in or out!" Then, the Lindt egg is 2cm or "still early days." 3cm is the dime egg, while 4cm is "the smarties egg, you could say you're halfway there." 5cm is the boiled egg, 6cm is the kinder egg, 7cm is the Milky Bar egg ("perhaps our favorite!"). Then, at 8cm, it's the button egg, 9cm the Rolo egg, and by the time you're at 10cm, the cervix has fully dilated to the Cadbury egg ("it's on its way!").

Of the inspiration for the guide, Lisa Cryer, operations manager with Kalma Baby, tells, "In our Kalma Mamas classes, we talk about labor and birth and help mothers at this incredible time. But I decided to find a way to help to visualize what it meant when the midwives talk about the number of cm dilated, and I came up with Easter eggs! We've been really thrilled with the response to the chart and can't believe how many comments and shares it's had."

Some of Kalma Baby's followers responded by tagging their friends who are expecting, writing cute comments like, "Just think of chocolate when the time comes!" Others shared their birth stories, referencing the various candies, like one commenter who wrote: "Haha 3 & 1/2wks ago I went from nothing, to a Lindt egg... then straight to a Cadbury Egg.. oh and then a Son.. in about 45mins!"

In addition to wracking up comments, the photo has made headlines around the world.

The creative folks at Kalma Baby were excited to see the chart go viral, but even if that hadn't happened, they thoroughly enjoyed creating the cervix dilation chart. On their blog, Kalma Baby staff shared, "We have had so much fun creating this and even more so when we realized we could munch our way through the Dilation game too."


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