Dalton Mort didn't wear a veil when she said "I do"—she wore her daughter, Ellie.

By Rebecca Macatee
Fire and Gold Photography

February 15, 2019

Incorporating children into a wedding can be a little tricky. Sometimes babies cry, toddlers squirm, and even not-so-little kids have meltdowns. But as these now-viral photos of a babywearing bride and her toddler show, the risk is totally worth the reward.

The bride, Dalton Mort, wanted her two-year-old daughter Ellie to be a part of her special day in a tangible way, so instead of handing her off to a relative and trying to keep an eye on her from afar, she kept her toddler close and wore her in a gorgeous baby wrap.

The breathtaking photos—taken by Laura Schaefer, an Ohio-based photographer of Fire and Gold Photography—show just how beautifully the bride incorporated her daughter into every aspect of her "I do's." And mom even timed the photos with Ellie's nap in such a way that the little girl slept through most of the ceremony.

"She mentioned that the wedding mass would be during Ellie’s nap time so this was the perfect situation," Schaefer, the photographer, told Parents.com. "It allowed Dalton to really enjoy her wedding and not be distracted by having to calm/entertain Ellie...She really was able to focus and enjoy the moment."

Talk about perfect timing, right? These picture perfect photos have been shared over 4,000 times on Facebook. Schaefer, who said she was "so glad Dalton asked me to take those photos," thinks the image of a bride and her baby "strikes people's hearts and they want to share it."

"Yes, it's something unique to see in a wedding but more so, it's beautiful to see a mother doing something so natural between her and her child on her wedding day; be it babywearing or nursing," she added.

It is a lovely and symbolic gesture to include children in a wedding, but if it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world. What kids really pick up on is what happens after the big day and the relationship between their parents.

"The most important relationship in any family is the marital one, and the best thing parents can do for their children is to love one another," Daniel L. Buccino, a clinical social worker and co-founder of the Baltimore Psychotherapy Institute, previously told Parents.com. "By making the effort to value each other, parents teach their children important lessons about intimacy, conflict, and balancing work and home."

Buccino added that single parents can demonstrate some of these same skills in healthy relationships with friends and family members.

Of course, there are no perfect parents, and it's important to show kids that's OK, too. Because as Virginia Barlow, M.D., a family-practice physician in Potsdam, New York, told Parents.com, "Children need to get the message that people don't have to be perfect to be loved."



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