Photographer Lynn Puzzo designed a Starbucks cake smash photo shoot featuring a sweet baby girl and you'll want to steal this awesome first birthday party idea.

By Libby Ryan
Lynn Puzzo Photography

June 4, 2019

This smash cake photo session had a Starbucks Frappuccino shaped-cake and it’ll totally make you want to run out and score the grown-up, real deal version.

The smash sesh, starring an adorable baby model named Aria, was inspired by photographer Lynn Puzzo’s love of Starbucks.

Lynn Puzzo Photography

For the shoot, Puzzo got a Starbucks Frappuccino cake, ordered a baby Starbucks fangirl outfit, gathered some Starbucks merch and decked the photo set out with green, gold and white balloons (and gold stars, of course).

Lynn Puzzo Photography

A friend of Puzzo’s got her “hooked” on Starbucks about three years ago and it’s been a journey to get to the level of obsession she enjoys today. “At the time I didn't even drink coffee, and was completely caffeine free,” she told via email. “I would only order the chocolate chip Frappuccinos that didn’t have coffee or caffeine.”

Lynn Puzzo Photography

That fitting beginning matches the cake session perfectly. Although Puzzo’s favorite Starbucks drink these days is an iced caramel macchiato or a caramel frap, the smash cake is sans coffee or caffeine. It’s chocolate—and baby Aria went to town.

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Lynn Puzzo Photography

“My favorite moment from the session was Aria eating the cake without using her hands,” Puzzo told us. “Her mom and I laughed through the whole session. She is the happiest baby—and so expressive!”

Lynn Puzzo Photography

Puzzo has done other smash cake photo sessions before, but the food theme was new for this shoot. “I do have plans to do donuts and fruit in the future—watermelon and peaches specifically are on my bucket list,” she said. “And maybe tacos.”

We’re so excited see the results of that baby photoshoot bucket list. What a sweet checklist!



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