This Artist Draws Disney Princesses Pregnant—and Imagines Their Future Kids Too

You've got to see how this Russian artist reimagined Cinderella as a modern-day mom, loungewear and all.

Oksana Pashchenko, a Russia-based artist, is taking her lifelong love of Disney to the next level by reimagining her favorite princesses as moms-to-be. Not only that, but the artist draws their baby daddies—aka the Disney princes—and even envisions what the babies would look like.

Pashchenko, who shares her art with fans on TikTok and Instagram, was inspired during her own maternity leave to explore what the princesses might look like pregnant. The final products—which you can peep below—feature everyone's Disney faves posing for what looks like their very own modern-day maternity shoots.

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Yes, it's as good as it sounds and exactly the kind of thing we need in 2020. So put aside your stress for just a moment and let's take a look at what Disney princesses might look like as expecting mothers—and get a glimpse at their tiny bundles of joy.


The Little Mermaid's Ariel never looked so chic as she does pregnant, rocking a bump-hugging long black dress while cuddling up to Prince Eric. And, honestly, could their baby be any cuter with that Flounder-inspired romper?


What happens when an expectant Sleeping Beauty gets a little sexy? An Angelina Jolie-esque thigh-high slit moment is what. But the fashion doesn't stop there—Aurora's imagined daughter is rocking a full-on Maleficent getup!


Sure, Belle is a real beauty in her slinky, blue maternity gown, but it's the reformed Beast who really steals the show in this drawing. And Belle's mini-me is just too cute for words.


Cinderella and Prince Charming could be any expectant couple on your newsfeed with Pashchenko's reimagining of a beachy maternity shoot, but it's Cinderella as a modern-day mom—rocking a ponytail and cozy sweatshirt—that will have you saying, "OMG, same."


Could Aladdin be any more excited to be a dad here? And of course Jasmine would dress up her baby like Rajah. Too good.


We can't ignore the problematic parts of this Disney movie but we can enjoy this romantic shot of Pocahontas and John Smith looking eager to become parents and Pocahontas absolutely overjoyed as a new mom, playing with her cute little raccoon.

Snow White

You might just have a new staple of your own for your upcoming maternity shoot or postpartum wardrobe after seeing Snow White here: a headband. Better stock up on some matching versions for your baby, too.


The Princess and the Frog's Tiana and Naveen get the glam treatment for their maternity look, but it's Tiana's sweet toddler—complete with pouty lips and oversized bows—who's the ultra kissable one.

Thank you, Pashchenko, you've really outdone yourself with these. [Insert slow clap here.]

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