What McKenna Shea's parents thought was a gas bubble turned out to be an incredibly rare diagnosis of Stage 3 Yolk Sac Ovarian Cancer.

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March 4, 2019

Georgia-based parents Meagan and Mike Shea Xydias are facing heart-wrenching news that no mom or dad could ever possibly anticipate. Their 2-year-old McKenna was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare cast of ovarian cancer. The couple brought their little girl, whose nickname is "Kenni," to the doctor after she began suffering fevers, a bloated belly, and difficulty going to the bathroom. 

"We took her to the doctor—at that point they thought it was gas so they told us to give her gas drops, and let them know if she got anymore fevers," Mike told Good Morning America. After running another high temperature, Kenni was taken back to the pediatrician who did X-rays. At that point, the parents were informed that she may be suffering from a "gas bubble."

What was really going on was far more serious. An ultrasound revealed a mass that was 14 centimeters located on one of Kenni's ovaries. Later CT and MRI scans also showed several more cancerous tumors around her abdomen, including near her liver. Doctors diagnosed the toddler with Stage 3 Yolk Sac Ovarian Cancer, opting to remove her right ovary and parts of her small intestine on February 18. She began chemo on February 27.

The family has a GoFundMe page, "Fighting With Kenni," to help the Xydias family pay medical bills. So far, they have hit over $37K, so close to their $40K goal. You can also follow Kenni's battle on the Facebook page Fight With Kenni.

"She is a ball of energy and a stereotypical 2-year-old," Mike said. "She's the youngest child, where she is the boss and she's extremely stubborn, which a great character trait in going to fight cancer. She doesn't let anything stop her."

With hope, this little girl's fighting spirit will mean sunnier days ahead for the Xydias family.