This 3-Year-Old Chef Is Taking Over TikTok and You'll Want to Watch Just for the Relatable Bloopers

One little chef is mixing things up on TikTok—and his followers can't get enough of his adorably messy miscues

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Move over, Gordon Ramsay. You've got some pint-sized competition coming for you.

Three-year-old Chef Ilirian Kameraj is making a name for himself on TikTok. No puffs or smoothies for this kid. Kameraj, who posts as ilirian_cooks on the app, entertains his 3.2 million followers with videos of himself making Gordon Ramsay's perfect steak and beef wellington.

But it's the bloopers that are five stars (and so relatable to parents). In one video, you see the budding top chef crack an egg (only for the yolk to wind up on the counter), pour batter on his hands and mix a bowl as flour flies everywhere. But hey, at least Kameraj didn't put it in his hair this time, like he decided to do in another hilarious clip. And then there's a Baby Yoda cake that sort of—fell apart.

The commenters are eating it up.

"Me when I forget my Head and Shoulders," joked one person on the clip of Kameraj rubbing flour in his hair. "This kid cooks better than I do," said another. And even though the Baby Yoda cake didn't go exactly according to plan, one poster offered to taste test it anyway. "Give me some of that cake," the commenter wrote.

One person summed up what most of us are thinking, "I love him. He's precious. The little nugget."

It turns out Kameraj's mama is onto something. It's not just fun and super-cute to have your kid help out around the house. Experts say it teaches them responsibility.

You'll want to lower your expectations, especially with toddlers and preschoolers. Things are bound to get messy, and little children often take longer to complete tasks, but the time investment will pay off. Cooking with kids gives them a chance to taste the ingredients and may increase the likelihood that they'll actually try the dish when it's served, experts say. It also gives you a chance to talk about healthy ingredients and bond as a family.

Another pro tip: After your kid has their fun, let them assist with scrubbing down the kitchen. It doesn't just help you—it helps them. Seriously. Experts spill that one of the best and easiest chores to give a young child is clean-up duty.

So next time you're tempted to sit your little one down in front of an episode of Cocomelon while you make lunch or dinner, consider inviting them to help you out instead. They may or may not turn out to be a child prodigy in the kitchen, but you'll make memories along with your meals.

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