These Tween and Teen Punk Singers Fight Racism with Viral Hit

The Linda Lindas are telling it like it is and blowing up the internet with their song "Racist, Sexist Boy."

Punk rock is alive and well among the stacks at the Los Angeles Public Library.

The system's Cypress Park Branch celebrated Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a concert featuring a local punk band, The Linda Lindas. And wow does the Asian and Latinx group—composed of teen and tween girls—rock hard.

Make sure you stay through song seven in the set list. It's a delicious takedown of a "racist, sexist boy" who edged away from Mila, aged 10, the drummer, because "his dad told him to stay away from Chinese people."

There have been nearly 3,800 racist anti-Asian incidents in the United States in the past year. Rhetoric like "Kung Flu" or "China Virus," popularized frequently by former president Donald Trump, falsely blames Asian and Chinese people in particular for causing the coronavirus pandemic. Slurs, attacks, and violence have escalated during the pandemic, and many members of the AAPI community have feared for their safety, and that of their families. Parents has resources for talking to your kids about these issues, especially for aspiring allies.

An image of the Linda Lindas.
Getty Images (1). Art: Jillian Sellers.

In addition to Mila, the other band members are Eloise,13, Lucia,14, and Bella,16. The Linda Lindas were also in Moxie, the Netflix movie by Amy Poehler, earlier this year. On their website, The Linda Lindas describe their sound as a mix of "original punk, power pop, and new wave" for today's audience. The quartet first played together in 2018, and officially became The Linda Lindas that fall. Aside from Moxie, the group wrote and performed an original song for the Netflix documentary The Claudia Kishi Club, and they've opened for a Bikini Kill reunion show at the Hollywood Palladium. The band's EP is available on Spotify, and their merch is fabulous.

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