Looking for an employer that understands the needs of parents? Here are the best of the best from Fortune's list of the top places to work when it comes to health care, telecommuting, and child care.


Traditionally, many workplaces have been parent-unfriendly. From little to no parental leave to shoddy health care and bottom of the barrel salaries that barely cover child care, it's tough to find an employer that recognizes that parents have different needs than childfree employees. The trend is shifting, however, with more and more companies offering the perks that parents are craving.

Fortune magazine just released a report of the 100 Best Companies to Work For and we broke it down by parent perks to help you in your next job search.

1. Hilton

The winner by far for most parent-friendly employer is Hilton. The ubiquitous hotel chain just updated its parental leave policy, guaranteeing 12 weeks of paid leave for new moms and four weeks for dads and adoptive parents. Hilton also recently partnered with Milk Stork to provide a service that allows breastfeeding parents to ship or store breastmilk, at no charge, when traveling for work.

Hilton also offers employees subsidized child care, telecommute options, as well as health insurance and sick days for part-time workers.

2. Ultimate Software

This cloud storage company knows a thing or two about keeping employees happy. Ultimate Software offers employees 100 percent coverage of health care premiums, subsidized child care, health insurance, and sick days for part-time employees and unlimited—yes, unlimited—paid time off. And for parents who are looking to further their education, Ultimate Software offers tuition reimbursement programs. On top of travel perks and company-sponsored trips to the Bahamas, Ultimate Software sounds ... pretty ultimate.

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3. Cisco

Networking and cybersecurity giant Cisco is on the cutting edge of not only technology, but also how to treat their employees. In their newly tweaked paternal leave policy, paid time off is not determined by the gender of the parent, or which parent gave birth, but by which parent will be the primary caregiver. Even grandparents get three days off to help out when a new baby joins the family.

Cisco also offers subsidized child care, a ton of paid time off, and insurance and sick days for part-timers. All that on top of on-site mental health screenings, yoga and meditation workshops, and extended health care coverage for therapy and counseling!

4. Northwell Health

Providing care to over 2 million people each year, Northwell is New York's largest private employer and largest health care provider. As part of their commitment to foster emotional well-being and mental health in their employees, Northwell recently instituted Team Lavender, a "rapid response" team of social workers, chaplains, nurses, and therapists to provide emotional support in the face of trauma experienced on the job.

Northwell also provides 100 percent health care coverage, subsidized child care, sick days, and health coverage for part-time employees, as well as options for telecommuting and compressed workweeks.

5. Adobe

Unlimited paid time off, subsidized child care, 26 weeks paid maternity leave, and four to six weeks paternity leave are just the tip of the iceberg at Adobe. After five years, employees receive four weeks paid vacation that can be combined with other paid time off or holidays. And, speaking of holidays, the entire company shuts down for the weeks of July 4 and Christmas. Plus, Adobe offers programs for student loan debt repayment.

Finding a job that makes it easy to balance work and family life isn't easy, but these companies are leading the way in helping people succeed as both employee and parent.