For one lucky little boy's cake smash photo shoot, photographer Lynn Puzzo brought Aladdin to life, focusing on a bevy of stunning details from the Disney classic.

By Maressa Brown
Lynn Puzzo Photography

Celebrating your little one's first birthday is sure to be magical no matter what, but why not take the fête up a notch by bringing in a truly whimsical theme? That's exactly what a mom named Ana chose to do for her son Jett. Fayetteville, Georgia-based photographer Lynn Puzzo transformed the little boy into the tiniest, most adorable Aladdin for a cake smash photo shoot.

In honor of his first birthday happening on August 5, Jett's mom booked the shoot in May and requested either an Aladdin or Lion King-themed set and costume. She had come to the right photog, because Puzzo is a self-confessed "huge Disney lover."

"The Aladdin movie was just coming out, and as soon as she mentioned it, it basically consumed my life until I did the session," Puzzo says. "I was constantly thinking about it—and looking for props and ideas. I made sure to see the movie in the theater, of course—you know, to brush up on details."

Puzzo explains that she constructed "a lot of the set" herself "and tried to keep it as representative of the movie" as she could. For instance, she wanted it to be speckled with references to "Agrabah, Aladdin being a thief/street rat, the apple he steals for Jasmine, the magic carpet." She points out that her set featured "Abu holding a gold bracelet representative of the one he stole from Jasmine in the movie." She also created the castle herself from poster board.

Lynn Puzzo Photography

She also made a tower of jewels and coins for the lamp to sit on, to represent the one Aladdin climbs in the movie to retrieve the lamp from the cave, she shares. "It was important to reference the movie and keep it as authentic as possible while creating a baby-friendly set," Puzzo says. 

The photos reflect Puzzo's exquisite attention to detail and love for the theme.

Liz Puzzo Photography

Puzzo reveals that the birthday boy "wasn't exactly as excited about his cake smash session as his mom and I were. He was hilariously dramatic about it though and would just randomly cry for a second and then be fine. It was so funny!" Their trick for getting him to grin: "We played a little 'Baby Shark' for him and got a few smiles." Too cute.

This isn't the first time Puzzo's charming work has gone viral. Back in June, she created did cake smash photo shoot for a baby girl named Aria featuring all things Starbucks and cake designed to look like a Frappuccino.

Lynn Puzzo Photography

When it comes to memorable, outrageously adorable baby photo shoots, Puzzo's leading the charge.



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