These little beauties are out to steal your heart this March. 

Fingerlings Narwals
Credit: WowWee

February 13, 2019

Light-up mood horns, kissing sounds—we know who we want our Valentine to be, and it's a new Fingerlings Narwhal.

Just ahead of Toy Fair, the annual trade show in New York City where the year's top toy contenders are first revealed, we've found out that the newest Fingerlings—the interactive, $15 toys that have so much personality—will be love bugs. Or love whales.

Sydney Wiseman, who we are going to call the Mother of Fingerlings, is the toy designer in Montreal responsible for the entire Fingerlings line. She says these Narwhals will be the most advanced Fingerlings yet. "We looked at all the best features from the original series, and what people enjoyed the most from the plush Fingerlings Hugs, and then put that technology into these."

So, for instance, each Narwhal has a sophisticated motion sensor and what Wiseman calls Kiss-Tech. Hold a Narwal up to press on your check and the horn blinks pink, red, or both, and she (Wiseman gives the Narwhals female pronouns) makes a "muah" sound. She'll make a different sound if you make her do a swimming motion. Her eyes blink, her tail flops up and down, she talks, and you can gauge her mood by the horn color (blinking rainbow colors = maximum happiness).

The names of the new Narwhals are Nelly (Purple), Nikki (Turquoise), Nori (Blue), and Rachel (Pink) and they'll be in all the usual toy aisles by the end of March, in time for Easter-basket shopping.

Not into Narwhals? There's another launch: WowWee's Untamed Dragons (by Fingerlings), an update from the dinosaurs that were one of our 2018 Best Toys. The Untamed line is famous for being moody, so a dragon might make fire-breathing sounds when happy but poison-spitting sounds when pissed. Fingerlings Foxes will make a debut as well; they're pranksters, kind of like the monkeys, and can similarly be swung upside down for a big reaction or rocked to sleep.

Watch for our Best of Toy Fair 2019 picks! It's a tough job, but someone has to play with toys all weekend.