The New Bottle-Feeding Emoji Set the Perfect Example of How to Be Inclusive of Every Family

There's no one right way—or person—who feeds infants and the new gender-inclusive baby-feeding emoji recognize every type of family.

We depend a lot on emoji. Those little faces, hands, and symbols help us to get our thoughts across and connect to other people. The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that helps ensure our modern hieroglyphics are available, has done a good bit of work over the years to make its lists more inclusive—adding skin color variations, hijab, and other cultural variations—added a breastfeeding emoji back in 2017, but they've taken the inclusivity one step further with the latest update.

Emoji 13.0 will include gender-inclusive baby-feeding emoji. Previously, for those who bottle-fed, there was only a lone baby bottle emoji, which lacks much in capturing the bonding that takes place between caregivers and baby during bottle feeding. The new update includes several variants of bottle-feeding by introducing a nonbinary person and a man, in addition to a woman bottle-feeding.

new gender-inclusive emojis featuring men bottle-feeding an infant

Going farther, there's even a chest-feeding emoji to represent trans and nonbinary parents. All genders feed babies! It's not just a mom task. It's a mom and dad task, or a mom and mommy task, or a dad and daddy task. Changes, even small changes like a chest-feeding emoji or a man with a bottle, are huge leaps away from the gender stereotypes that have plagued us. Not all families are made up of a mom and a dad. Thank you to the Unicode Consortium for taking a step in normalizing all families!

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