The emotional music videos follow three generations of a family dealing with the cycle of addiction.

By Libby Ryan
May 23, 2019
lumineers video
Credit: Getty Images

Earlier this week, the Lumineers released the latest installation of their new visual album 'III' and the music video will give you chills. It’s a ten-song album, with three videos about the character of Gloria. She’s a mother struggling with alcoholism while raising a new baby with her husband. And the visuals in all three parts of her trilogy will take you on an emotional journey.

The third video titled “Gloria” is possibly the most intense, depicting her downward spiral.

The familial saga was based on the Lumineers lead singer and guitarist Wesley Schultz’s personal experience with a family member dealing with addiction. However, Gloria is a work of fiction. She’s not directly based on Schultz’s relative – just developed from the ways addiction affected his life.

“A lot of what I wanted to explore with these songs off of “III” was this idea of how love, within a family, endures even through addiction,” Schultz told “And how that can be both beautiful and tragic.”

The remaining yet-to-be-released videos in the series follow Gloria’s son and grandson.

Schultz said, “I was also interested in the sins of the mother or father being passed down to children, and how they can ever break that cycle.”

There’s another reason for the familial turn of the album’s narrative. Both co-founders of the band, Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, became first-time dads last year. ( Clearly fatherhood has inspired them to create some amazing art. We can’t wait to see the rest of the album.