The Internet Has Fallen in Love With These Co-parenting Kitty Mamas

A Redditor has shared a sweet story of co-parenting cats who have joined forces to "love and feed" the closet kitten in need, even if not her own.

Two mama cats snuggling two different litters of kittens
Photo: Lindsey/Lindseyh911

Co-parenting can be challenging for anyone—who's human, that is. For a pair of cats in Ohio, apparently raising their combined litters of kittens together is a breeze, as well as beyond precious.

A proud Redditor named Lindsey shared the story of these two feline moms helping to cuddle and nurse their blended brood, captioning a photo of the fuzzy family, "Co-parenting at its finest!!" The poster, who publishes content with the username Lindseyh911, added in the Reddit thread about the picture she added to the post, "2-week-old jelly beans, 6-week-old toddlers, and 2 Mamas who love and feed whichever kitten is closest."

Lindsey elaborated to Newsweek that the 2-week-old kittens, who are referred to as jelly beans, and the older little ones, the toddlers, became one big, happy litter when Cloud, the jelly bean mom, and Clementine, the toddler mom, joined forces in one cat bed. "We had no idea they would do this," she told the outlet. "Each litter had its own cat bed and Cloud combined the litters in the middle of the night into one bed." She added, "They take turns feeding whatever kitten is hungry and snuggling whichever ones are tired."

Clearly this sweet act of kitty co-parenting has given Reddit something to smile about this week, with the post having gone viral since it was shared just six days ago. In a message to Parents, Lindsey updated the feline family's newfound fan base, "The kittens are doing great! Two of the toddlers are going to their new homes next week, when they are 8 weeks old. The jelly beans are almost 3 weeks old and starting to explore the living room."

The cat lover shared an adorable anecdote too, saying, "Unfortunately, they venture from their bed and can't find their way back. I had to put one back in the bed three times just this morning!"

Wandering off into the great big world, er, living room, notwithstanding, it seems this kitty clan is modeling what a lot of animal parents do without a second thought. As another Redditor shared, "When I was a kid, we had 2 cats give birth within the same week, and one cat mom was not interested in being a mom, so the other took care of allllll the kittens. It's so sweet how cats will take care of kittens that aren't their own."

Someone else shared, "When I was a kid we had a cat have 4 kittens and got hit by a car two days later. We found a friend's cat that was pregnant and she adopted the kittens right away." And proving it takes a village to raise little ones, another Redditor related, "Ducks do the same thing! I live next to a duck pond and whenever babies get separated the closest mom will take them as her own."

Meanwhile, Lindsey is enjoying this special time with the blended family of kittens, telling Newsweek, "Any kitten that doesn't go live with someone else will stay on our farm to be loved by us and to chase mice." And, maybe go on to co-parent their own whiskered wee ones one day!

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