Dad of two Taylor Llewellyn designed this diaper bag alternative that can hold all the necessities a parent needs for an outing with the kids.

By Libby Ryan
May 24, 2019
the dad hoodie
Credit: Courtesy The Dad Hoodie

May 24, 2019

Diaper bags are hefty. That’s kind of the point of a diaper bag – you can pack everything. But you don’t always need 14 diapers, three different types of wipes, and an entire pack of granola bars for a simple outing to the park. Enter: The Dad Hoodie.

Creator Taylor Llewellyn told that he was inspired to create the hoodie while his two kids were in diapers. “I would be lugging around this diaper bag that had enough supplies to last for weeks when most of the time you don't need anything, let alone like 10 diapers and a tub of butt cream and all of this stuff.”

Think cargo shorts meets that well-loved hoodie in your closet. The Dad Hoodie has six internal mesh pockets, each optimized for a different parental need. We’re talking wide slots for diapers and wipes, elastic openings for a bottle or sippy cup, and even a big pocket that can fit a book.

“The reality is it's not meant to actually replace a diaper bag. People don't need to throw away their diaper bags,” Llewellyn said. “It's just a fun thing to free up both your arms to take your kids out.”

And many diaper bags out there are made to look totally chic, like a handbag, which is a little old-school considering dads change diapers too.

Llewellyn said he knows some dads are uneasy carrying a “feminine feeling diaper bag,” although he doesn’t count himself in that camp. But he wanted to make the guys who shy away from a purse-type bag go all in, saying, “The whole idea was empowering dads and making dads feel good about being involved.”

“We're envisioning this being a part of a dad's wardrobe for the next ten years and it's used a bunch of different ways, not like all these other baby things you just chuck and throw away as soon as the kid is out of diapers.”

Llewellyn also told us that he’s had mom customers say they’ve stolen the hoodies from their partners for an outing or two. Moms are in desperate need of some pockets. Let’s face it, clothes manufactured for women are woefully short on pockets. Often you can’t even fit a cell phone in a ladies jacket pocket, much less a spare diaper. (And can we talk about those fake tiny pockets sewn onto jeans? What even are those? Who are those for?)

And good news: Llewellyn is at work on a Mom Hoodie too. Big pockets for all!