The 'Bruno' Parody We're Cry-Singing Along To

The Holderness Family, known for their timely parody videos, just released a relatable new clip about COVID-19 to the beat of that Encanto song no one can get out of their head.

From nonstop alerts from the school to debating testing protocols and quarantine time frames, omicron has delivered parents an onslaught of headaches. Leave it to the Holderness Family, YouTube stars who produce memorable viral videos complete with dancing and parody lyrics, to come up with a clip that sums up what life looks right now for anyone who's just trying to live and send their kid to school.

Titled "We Don't Talk About COVID," the video explores the bizarre moment we're currently living through in which "half the school" might have COVID-19 but students are expected to keep showing up.

Set to the tune of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "We Don't Talk About Bruno" from the hit Disney flick Encanto, dad Penn and mom Kim lament seeing cases spike "off the page," having trouble finding tests, and being unsure about a possible exposure. And yet, they feel like they have no choice but to sweep the situation "under the rug," hand their kids their lunches, and see what happens.

"We are all just trying to do the best we can," sings Penn. "Isn't everyone, man?" And then, Kim chimes in with, "We're doing the best we can. But isn't it weird everybody's getting it? But we're like, 'Eh. Keep it movin'!"

Absent from the clip are the Raleigh, North Carolina family's two kids, Lola and Penn Jr., who were probably at school while the video was shot.

Since going up last week, the clip has over 700K views. And it's no wonder, given how—unfortunately—relatable the Holderness Family's experience is. Not to mention that everyone's rightfully obsessed with Encanto. Once again, Penn and Kim capture the zeitgeist of parenting.

Here's hoping the rest of the year includes plenty of Encanto and far fewer COVID-19 cases.

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