Tesla, Lincoln, and More Car-Inspired Baby Names are Zooming to the Top of Naming Lists

Beep beep! Get behind car-inspired baby names which are growing in popularity.

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Americans love their cars. A 2019 survey indicated we are more likely to service our vehicles than visit the dentist. And it seems our obsession with cars has now extended into baby naming. As Newsweek reports, Americans have looked to our garages for motor-inspired monikers.

According to government data mined by insurance and mobile switching company Uswitch, baby names fashioned after car names are growing in popularity. Researchers looked at trends from 2000 to 2019 and saw an acceleration in how many parents chose names possibly inspired by cars.

The phenomenon was more prevalent for boys, with names like Austin and Cooper topping the list. Even non-car aficionados will know that Cooper is an homage to the Mini-Cooper, but Austin? Perhaps parents were fans of the city in Texas, or the movie spy named Powers, but Austin may also be inspired by the Austin Motor Company.

Other names for boys that may have originated with the love of a car included Devin, inspired by Devin Sports Cars, and Hudson, also a car company. Of course, we are all familiar with the baby name Lincoln, which is now being used as a unisex moniker by the likes of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, whose first daughter is Lincoln. Bentley was another top baby name in the car-inspired category for boys, as was Colt, according to the Uswitch analysis.

Meanwhile, not to be left in the dust, on the girls' side, parents were also not braking for car-inspired baby names. The most popular name from the past two decades was Morgan, potentially a tribute to the Morgan Motor Company. Tailgating in popularity was Mercedes, with Devin, Lexus, and Bentley also riding right in the pack. Austin and Cooper were car-inspired names also given to girls, but another name that has grown in popularity of late may have some people rubbernecking in disbelief. Tesla is in the top 10 car-inspired names for girls, and has even gained some traction for boys, with a handful of future electric car drivers being given the unique moniker.

So, what car-inspired names weren't so popular? Chevrolet and BMW are yet to see their day in the sun, much like Range Rover and Audi.

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