Seventeen-year-old Evan Dennison didn’t want a formal set of senior photos, so he surprised his photographer—and mom—with a bathrobe photoshoot.

By Libby Ryan
July 25, 2019
Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography

Most high school senior photos look kind of the same: a nice button-down shirt or dress, a stiff pose with your hockey stick or clarinet or pom poms, and a bright smile for the camera. But that's not the case for 17-year-old Evan Dennison. He broke the mold and didn’t even wear a full outfit for his senior photoshoot—just a bathrobe.

“Most graduation pictures I see are really formal and stuff, so I didn't want to do that,” Dennison told “I wanted it to be something that was like really funny, not so formal, kind of goofy, so I decided it would be way better done in a bathrobe.”

Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography

His mom sent clothes along to the shoot, done by Dennison’s cousin. The photographer, Tiffany Clark of aptly named Chaos and Clark Photography, wasn’t in on the plan until Dennison showed up in a robe. She tried to get him to put on the outfit that his mom was anticipating seeing in the photos, but Dennison stood his ground. “I’m going to be a LEGEND,” Dennison told her, according to Today Parents.

And he was. When Clark posted the resulting photos on her photography business Facebook page, the shoot went massively viral. It was shared more than 100,000 times and likely inspired a whole crop of teens to go bare in their next photoshoot. Watch out, parents.

Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography

“Evan is everything you’d ever want to see in the coolest stand-up comedian dude ever, so this is totally normal,” the photographer told Today Parents. And for Dennison, it’s an outfit that feels right to him. “I just wear it all the time,” he told “This is my only robe, I don't even remember how long I've had it, I just like it.”

But you know who doesn’t like the gaff quite as much as the high school senior? His mom.

Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography

“She loves that everyone loves them and that they reflect my personality so well, but she’s still very unhappy with them as my senior photos,” Dennison told the New York Post. But he stands by his choice and hopes to inspire others to think about what’s true to their personality. “I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make your mother happy, but senior photos should definitely be your photos.”

“I think senior photos should be more like this. These kids aren’t button-downs and khakis normally in life, so why should they be for the pictures that represent them?” Clark told the New York Post. We totally agree. While it’s nice to have a more formal headshot to circulate to family and your colleagues and to have live in a yearbook, why not let kids play around with something fun to pass to their friends and commemorate the way they actually were as soon-to-be adults?

Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography

Clark has a young son and also said about his future graduation photos that “if he wants to wear a banana costume, I will take his pictures in a banana costume.”

However, Dennison has agreed to do a second photoshoot so that his mom can have at least one senior photo of her son fully clothed. No promises though; the kid is super attached to this robe.

“I don't think I'm going to wear it to prom or anything,” Dennison told Inside, “but I might bring it with me, for good luck.”


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