Target Car Seat Trade-in Event Is Happening Now

Target's 2022 car seat trade-in event is a great opportunity to recycle equipment you don't need and get a discount on new gear.

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You know how babies outgrow everything in a matter of months, weeks and sometimes even days? Like those adorable pj's you bought—the ones you had personalized—yeah, they're too small now. Sniff. When it comes to baby gear, its lifespan is painfully short too—especially car seats.

The most recent recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics on infant car seats is that your baby should sit rear facing until the age of 2. After that, your child will need to switch to a forward facing seat, and then stay in a booster seat until the age of 8 to 12, depending on their size. Meanwhile, you always want to check the manufacturer's date on any car seat you use and never borrow or reuse a seat if you don't know its full backstory. With all of that in mind, most parents reading this probably have a car seat in circulation that needs to be replaced.

But here's the rub: Car seats can be super expensive, especially if you have to buy them for multiple children. Raises hand. That's where Target's car seat trade-in program comes in. The beloved retailer's bi-annual trade-in is happening in stores now through April 30, 2022. And yes, you can even bring in a used or expired seat. Or, one that's damaged from kids coloring on it, spilling food, juice or worse.

When you bring a well-loved car seat into participating Target stores, you'll also get a coupon for 20% off your purchase of a new one. You can even opt to put the savings toward buying a new stroller or select other baby gear, like high chairs, swings, or bouncy seats. Hooray! The offer is available until May 14, 2022, so you don't even have to decide how to use the coupon right away. Take your time; grab a Starbucks coffee, browse the throw pillows and blankets and come back to the baby gear section later.

You'll also feel great about the fact that your old car seat gets recycled by Target's partner, Waste Management. Since 2016, Target has recycled 1.7 million car seats.

To find out more, including your nearest participating store, on where exactly to bid farewell to your old car seat and how to ensure you get your 20% off coupon, visit Target's website. Now if only we could trade in all those spit up-stained onesies that no longer fit.

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