The TLC reality TV show family (all six babies and two older kids) took a Zumbini class and total sextuplet chaos ensues—complete with baby sweat bands.

By Kaitlin Lowe
Courtesy of TLC
"Sweet Home Sextuplets" goes to a Zumbini class

If you haven’t caught every episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets, it’s okay: six toddlers are hard to keep up with. Still, you won’t want to miss this short clip of cute outfits and craziness when Courtney Waldrop takes the sextuplets to a Zumbini class. Matching sweatbands, mini leg warmers, and striped crew socks galore!

So, what exactly is Zumbini? If the term sounds familiar, it’s probably because Zumbini is created by Zumba (along with kids TV channel BabyFirst) and is basically the kid version of Zumba. The program combines music, movement, and educational toys designed to nurture social, emotional, and cognitive skills for infants to 4-year-olds.

“The beauty with Zumbini is that the curriculum is already built in,” the instructor, Caity, explains. “So they can have fun, and they’re already going to be learning.”

The class starts out with an upbeat song that prompts the kids to clap along, and Caity shows the babies how to move their tiny hips. Courtney’s older sons, Wales and Bridge, seem to be having even more fun. They join in to help one of their little brothers clap and bounce around on the floor trampolines. (One of the boys asks a phrase that doesn’t bode well—"Can any of y’all do this?”—and then shouts, “Ow!)

Caity also points out that for moms who want to make sure their children are developmentally on track, Zumbini is a great option. Since the premature sextuplets all weighed in at around two pounds at birth, Courtney is understandably concerned with making sure her kids are caught up. As the class goes on, however, it’s the grown-ups who are trying to catch up to the kids.

“It’s like they’ve been unleashed out of the cage,” Courtney says, as the sextuplets explore the bouncy, padded gymnasium. Though Zumbini is designed for the little ones, the session came with an extra benefit for the adults: a workout.

“I’m getting my exercise in just running after these little boogers,” Courtney’s friend, Emily says, remarking how fast they’ve gotten.

By the end of the session, Courtney realizes that she too, had a valuable learning experience, saying “I really should’ve brought more help.” If you’re raising the Sweet Home Sextuplets, that’s probably a good plan.



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