Kindergarteners Share Why They’re Especially Thankful for Their Homes This Year and Their Answers Are So Pure

Viral TikTok teacher Mackenzie Adams shared the heartwarming letters her kindergarten students wrote expressing gratitude for their homes during the pandemic—and they put everything into perspective.

Mackenzie Adams, a kindergarten teacher in Lake Stevens, Washington, has gone viral on TikTok for her animated, enthusiastic approach to virtual learning. In a year when teachers, students, and parents are seriously struggling to make it all work, Adams' positivity and energy has been contagious.

Turns out Adams's attitude is seriously rubbing off on her students, who recently took part in Lowe's #LetterstoHome campaign to write a letter to their homes and explain why they love them and why they're so thankful for them. Their letters, which Adams shared on TikTok, are a sweet reminder that despite an out-of-the-norm school year and all the difficulties brought on by COVID-19, many of our children are just happy to have their homes and families.

"I am thankful for you because I want to spend time with my family and my family is the greatest thing," wrote one 5-year-old student. "I wish we could never leave my house because my house is an awesome house."

Courtesy of Mackenzie Adams
Courtesy of Mackenzie Adams

"I like my home because all my family is here and I love all my family," wrote another kindergartener. "I love my home and I love my family. I love all my family. I would buy you a new TV as a gift if I could."

“I am thankful that I am safe from coronavirus and we are not using cars a lot so we are not hurting the earth very much," another student wrote. "I am also thankful that when it is not a meeting or school day I can just sit around at home and play and watch shows. I am also thankful that I am here with my family."

But students aren't the only ones getting in on the fun; the #LetterstoHome campaign is receiving feedback from Americans of all ages, grateful to have their homes in a year of so much uncertainty.

"Dear Home, thank you for being there for our family as my husband and I were both laid off from our jobs of 15 years during this pandemic," @kpappernek tweeted. "Our home helps give stability to our 8 year old daughter during these hard times and has brought us joy. Thank you."

Other letters to home expressed a gratitude for extra time spent in the kitchen sharing meals, conversations, and daily ups and downs by single foster and adoptive dad Peter Mutabazi, an office-turned-sanctuary by Broadway star Robert Hartwell, and a backyard full of memories by Rob Kenney of the YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?"

Personally? I'm thankful to be able to spend more time working from home with my husband and energetic 2-year-old, with toys scattered around the living room and our dog barking at every passerby.

How about you—why are you appreciative of your home this year?

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