The woman took to Reddit to share details of the aggravating encounter.

By Maressa Brown
April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019

When you’re expecting, it’s not uncommon to be faced with an onslaught of opinions from family members, friends and, perhaps even most nerve-wrackingly, complete strangers, as well. Being friendly is one thing, but it seems far too many people feel like they should share their uninformed beliefs with anyone who is visibly pregnant. Case in point: A 26-year-old mom-to-be took to Reddit to share the details of a recent eyebrow-raising encounter with a stranger.

In a post on r/BabyBumps, writing under the handle glitterberry22, the expectant mom wrote, “Got told I need to focus on my education first before getting pregnant. Can people just mind their business?”

She explained, “I’m 38 weeks pregnant and very big. Today I decided to get out and go to the store to get some fresh air and pick up some last minute things for the baby. An older lady about 50 years old caught me off guard, walks up to me and asks me how far along I am?”

She wrote that she thought the woman just wanted to talk about “baby stuff,” as she has had a “couple nice older ladies” approach her and talk about how excited they were to be grandparents. She assumed this woman would be just as positive, but her assumption was soon proved to be false. The mom-to-be wrote, “I tell her how far along I am and, then all of a sudden, she decides to tell me how I should be focusing on my education, she says I’m too young to be pregnant and that school should come first so that I can properly provide for my child. EXCUSE ME?!!”

The comment left her feeling “shocked and pretty pissed off,” so she “looked her straight in her face and said, ‘I’m actually 26 years old, married and I graduated college 3 years ago.’”

The mom explained that the stranger’s “face was embarrassed and stunned, she awkwardly apologized and said that she thought I was 17. Then, she quickly walked away.”

Stunned by what had just happened, glitterberry22 concluded, “Really?!!! Even if I didn’t finish school and was 17, how is it any of her business. Rude comments like that don’t make anyone feel good. I noticed people feel like they can just say anything to a pregnant women. Lol I’m trying to take the fact that she thought I was seventeen as a compliment but still. People need to mind their business!”

Commenters agreed with the mom-to-be that the woman was completely out of line, showing support with comments like, “Lol really even if you were 17 a) it’s none of her damn business, and b) you’re 38 weeks along...a little late to change course now. What good does she think she’s doing?!”  

Another wrote, “I just can’t believe how people think it’s any of THEIR BUSINESS to discuss anything surrounding someone else’s pregnancy. Go bother someone else please.”

One said she had a similar experience and was pleased to be mistaken for someone much younger, writing, “Shoot this also happened to me when I was pregnant but I was 32 and exhausted and I thought it was the biggest compliment that someone could mistake me for 15 years younger than I was hahaha.”

The bottom-line summed up perfectly by a fellow Redditor: “Can’t everyone just be nice and decent to pregnant people? Pregnancy is hard enough on its own without stuff like this.”

Cheers to that!


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