The doting grandma had a perfect response to the Instagram users who said the girls' pretend play was "inappropriate."  

By Rebecca Macatee
Natalia Lebedinskaia/Shutterstock

When it comes to breastfeeding, everyone's got an opinion. And as Marjorie Harvey just discovered, even little girls pretending to feed their dolls aren't immune to criticism! 

On Monday, Jan. 14, Steve Harvey's wife Instagrammed a video of her granddaughters Rose and Elle "breastfeeding dolls." In the clip, someone asks the little girls what they're doing. Rose, age four, replies sweetly, "[We're] feeding our babies," and her cousin Elle, age three, adds quickly, "From our boobies!" 

Rose has a four-month-old brother named Ezra who she's likely seen being breastfed by their mom, Amanda Harvey. Marjorie, like many commenters, was amused by the girls pretending to feed their baby dolls like they'd seen Rose's mom do. But there were some people who thought the girls' actions were "inappropriate," "sad" and "just not OK." 

"They are babies breastfeeding babies... [and] you put it out here for the world to see," wrote one Instagram user. "You knew when you put it out here it would be controversial."

"Oh Lord!!!" wrote another critic. "Can children be children and just do stuff kids do. Just because mama does it does not mean that it's OK for children to mimic. They have time later when they are old enough to appreciate breastfeeding their children. UNBELIEVABLE



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