Spider-Man Scales the Windows at Hospital to Brighten Kids' Moods During COVID-19 Pandemic

St. Louis Children's Hospital is trying to bring a bit of levity to a particularly heavy moment by enlisting superheroes to do the window-washing.

Everyone could use more reason to smile right now, which is why the St. Louis Children's Hospital has tapped superheroes to create a heartwarming spectacle for kids. Spider-Man himself has recently been spied repelling down the building, washing windows.

"We try to bring as much fun into the environment as we can," Cameron Fischer, the facility operations supervisor at Children's Hospital, told local news station KMOX. "With everything going on right now, we're not able to do as much as we would like, so in order to keep that magic here at Children's, we've called in a favor with some local superheroes."

Kody McGehee, who played Spider-Man, explained to the outlet, "You're going down on each floor, you see different faces popping up. They're really happy, they get all excited and come touch the glass. It's fun for us, as well, seeing all those smiles."

St. Louis Children's Hospital Spider-Man
St. Louis Children's Hospital

According to KSDK, St. Louis Children’s Hospital usually hosts special guests, such as superheroes, princesses and performers, inside the hospital. But because social distancing measures are in play, the facility decided to deliver a fun, interactive moment to patients in a safer way.

"Our job is to do what is right for kids -- sometimes, that is waving from outside the window, dressed like Spider-Man," Fischer explained in the hospital's press release.

St. Louis Children's Hospital Spider man
St. Louis Children's Hospital

Although the special event only lasted several hours, a press release from the hospital noted that the superheroes will continue their cleaning duties at other buildings, including a visit to the BJC HealthCare/Washington University School of Medicine campus. They're sure to spread more joy along the way. P.S. Who knows will come next, as Iron Man has also been spied at the hospital.

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