Grab your jetty red pants and whale clad polos, the uniting of these two brands is bringing us the boat shoes of our preppy dreams.

Jen Cress
Credit: Courtesy of Sperry

November 7, 2018

It seems as if this collaboration was destined from the start considering both brands are crucial to any preppy style starter kit. The vibrant, busy prints Vineyard Vines built their legacy off of look right at home on the boat shoe silhouette of a classic Sperry. This is one effortless collaboration your mini-me will look absolutely dapper in.

Sperry x Vineyard Vines Heritage Patchwork
Credit: Courtesy of Sperry

Deciding between these four little kid designs is no easy task. This sweet Heritage Patchwork pair is just the peacock-ish, outgoing creation we’d expect from Vineyard Vines. Practicality is a focal point, too, with the non-slip rubber outsole and an alternative closure for easy on and off accessibility.

Sperry and Vineyard Vines Authentic Original boat shoe
Credit: Courtesy of Sperry

In the same style as the Heritage Patchwork shoe—with all the same benefits, too—the Authentic Original boat shoe will make your heart melt. Baby shoes that mimic adult shoes are positively swoon-worthy. Your little man will be one of the boys in these durable leather gems.

Sperry and Vineyard Vines Whale Shoe
Credit: Courtesy of Sperry

Branching off from the traditional Sperry’s style is the Whale shoe. The name speaks for itself with its deep blue color, whale tale, and face. Again, the alternative closure—which allows you to open the shoe on top rather than relying on the slip-on method—is key for a wiggly little baby.

Sperry and Vineyard Vines Crest Vibe Sneaker
Credit: Courtesy of Sperry

For a sportier look, these Crest Vibe sneakers put the Vineyard Vines’ whale on full display. They are super comfy with actual memory foam footbeds. Here’s to hoping they stay clean for as long as possible because no junior will want to take them off.

Jealous of these festive junior and crib styles? Well, all but the Whale shoe come in matching adult looks so the whole family can be on a united preppy front. The crib, junior, and big kid sizes range in price from $40-$70 while the adult looks range from $75-$125. We can imagine the angelic beach family portrait now.