Space Mountain with Lights On is Actually Terrifying, TikTok Reveals

A TikToker filmed the mega-popular Disney World attraction without its signature star-lit dazzle, and it produced some pretty drastic reactions from followers.

An image of Space Mountain on a colorful background.
Photo: Getty Images. Art: Jillian Sellers.

Space Mountain gives Disney World guests a chance to explore outer space via a rollercoaster (and an opportunity to escape the Florida heat). In order to produce its signature awe-inspiring, star-lit effect, the ride occurs mostly in the dark.

But one TikToker received an off-brand experience during her recent trip to the park. Shannon Kittner, a Disney travel planner who goes by @shannonkittner on TikTok, went on Space Mountain with the lights turned up at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. She posted a short clip of her ride to the platform, and it was a markedly different look at the famous attraction.

The clip depicts a scene resembling a warehouse floor, and viewers can see the rollercoaster's silver tracks instead of planets and stars. "Have you seen Space Mountain with the lights on?" you can hear Kittner saying in the background.

The video has gotten more than 163K views since she posted it earlier this month, and other TikTokers had some strong opinions on the well-lit Space Mountain experience.

"It's [scarier] with the lights on," one person said. "Yes, and I wish I hadn't," said another. "So weird. [It] ruins the fantasy," another wrote.

Another commenter, who had been on Space Mountain with the lights on before, said the experience changed their approach to going on the ride.

"Yeah, I always scrunch down in my seat because I'm terrified of hitting some of that," the person wrote.

But not everyone was so down on getting a behind-the-scenes look at the famous rollercoaster.

"Looks so cool," one TikToker responded. "OMG, I wish I was there. I always wanted to do that," another person said.

And one person decided to get punny in the comments.

"Must be lit," the user replied. (We see what they did there.)

As travel continues to open up, you may be thinking of booking a trip to Disney. Though a roller coaster ride through a factory floor might not be on your bucket list, there are a few things you can do to make your trip fun and (almost) fuss-free, according to experts.

  • Get savvy with food. Lines for rides like Space Mountain are long enough. Skip the lunch line by pre-ordering food or bringing your own. Disney does not allow coolers, but they do allow outside food.
  • Hit a popular ride during a parade. One way to beat the line rides? Go during a parade, when many people will turn their attention elsewhere.
  • Get there early. The early bird may not get the worm, but they will have a better chance at getting on ride lines before the crowds make their way to the parks. Get to the gate about 30 minutes before the park opens.
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