Son Dancing With Unsuspecting Mom While She Exercises Is Our Favorite Thing on TikTok Right Now

Noah Perchard and his mom have gone viral with a series of TikTok videos featuring Perchard sneaking into her workouts while she's wearing a virtual reality headset.

Collection of screen shots of adult son dancing with mother while she works out
Photo: Lauren Hermele/Noah Perchard

The most wholesome of videos have gone viral on TikTok and it now users are sending 21-year-old Noah Perchard all types of requests for his series of videos in which he sneaks into his mom's workouts while she's using a virtual reality headset.

Perchard can be seen in the first video setting of up his phone while TikTok narrates "Day one of sneaking into my mom's workouts." Once he is all set up, his mom comes into view clearly taking part in a VR workout. Noah dances behind her (unbeknownst to her) for a good 40 seconds before the video ends.

"This is my favorite thing ever," a commenter remarked. And we could not agree more. The videos progressively get sillier with day three of the workouts including friends and day four featuring various costume changes, a Spider-Man cameo at the end, and a little singing from mom. I'm not sure if I love the videos more or the amount of support for mom in the comments. Let's be honest—I only workout in my head!

Perchard and his mom had a good feeling about the content, though I'm not sure they expected the type of virality the series of TikToks has brought. "I recorded the first video randomly one day. I showed it to my mom, and, at first, my mother felt insecure about how she looked in the video but then something came over her where she didn't care what other people thought—she wanted me to upload it," Noah told Parents. "We both had a good feeling about the video because it had never been done before, then within the next few hours it was already blowing up!"

The first of four videos that were uploaded has gained over 10 million views on the platform and has over 1.7 million likes. The comments are a range of support for mom to ideas for Noah's next videos.

"This is my favorite thing ever," one user commented.

"Get a disco ball, set up some lights. Let's make this a production," another user wrote. Another commented, "You gotta get strobe lights while she's going." Day two of the series features strobe lights, so Noah and his mom are just as invested in the series as the commenters seem to be.

"His face at the end did it for me. I have a feeling being this kid's mom is pretty entertaining or exactly the opposite depending on her sense of humor," one user wrote. Noah assures users that he and his mother "are the same" and by the looks of their videos together the relationship is very sweet.

"We have a great relationship! We like to travel a lot and we're actually headed to New York next month," Perchard told Parents. And don't worry: Mom approves all the videos before they're uploaded. "I would never upload anything of my mom without her permission," he confirmed.

So while we're patiently waiting for day five of the series to be uploaded I just want to know what everyone else in the comments has been asking: What app or game is that on the Oculus? We're ready to dance too.

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