These 14 States Are Offering a Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday for 2022

Inflation is expected to drive up back-to-school spending. But residents of some states may be able to save with a tax holiday.

School supplies cost money back to school after the pandemic
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It may have seemed like your kids just closed their books and celebrated the last day of the 2021-22 school year. But the new academic year is just around the corner, and so are back-to-school sales.

Even with deals, Deloitte reports that back-to-school spending is expected to rise to $661 per child in 2022. That number marks an 8% increase from 2021, when caregivers spent an average of $612 per child. With inflation making life more expensive for everyone, it's understandable to want to save as much as possible.

Relief may soon be coming for residents of some states. In the U.S., 14 states have "tax holidays," or days when the state sales tax is waived on specific products such as clothes, school supplies, and computers.

Amazon will also honor state sales tax holidays. Customers must be ordering from the specific state during applicable days. Here's where and when to stock up.


Dates: Aug. 6-7

Arkansas is waiving the sales tax on school supplies, such as art and instructional materials, without a spending limit. People can also purchase up to $100 worth of clothing state sales tax-free.


Dates: Aug. 21-27

For one week, people in Connecticut can buy clothing and footwear for up to $100 before incurring a state sales tax.


Dates: May 14-Aug. 14

During Florida's state sales tax holiday, there's no monetary maximum on children's books.


Dates: Aug. 5-6

Clothing valued up to $100 can be purchased without sales tax.


Dates: Aug. 14-20

Maryland's week-long sales tax holiday gives buyers relief on clothing and footwear up to $100.


Dates: July 29-30

The Magnolia State is waiving the sales tax on a maximum of $100 of clothing and footwear.


Dates: Aug. 5-7

During one of the more generous state sales tax holidays, consumers can purchase clothes up to $100, computers up to $1,500, and school supplies up to $50.

New Mexico

Dates: Aug. 5-7

New Mexico's sales tax holiday includes savings on up to $100 on clothes, up to $1,000 on computers, and up to $500 on school supplies.


Dates: Aug. 5-7

Customers can stock up on a limit of $75 worth of clothes and $20 of school supplies before paying the state sales tax.


Dates: Aug. 5-7

People in the Sooner State can purchase clothing for up to $100 sales tax-free.

South Carolina

Dates: Aug. 5-7

There is no limit to the amount of sales tax-free clothing, school supplies, and computers customers can purchase in South Carolina.


Dates: July 29-31

Buyers can spend $100 on clothing, $100 on school supplies, and $1,500 on computers before paying Tennessee's sales tax.


Dates: Aug. 5-7

Clothing, backpacks, and school supplies up to $100 are sales tax-free.


Dates: Aug. 5-7

Virginia's sales tax holiday allows spenders to purchase clothing for up to $100 and a maximum of $20 on school supplies.

Back-to-school isn't the only time states host tax holidays. The Federation of Tax Administration has a complete list of 2022 tax holidays and the items included.

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