Twitter and Instagram users united to help make one family's Frozen 2 dream for their hospital-bound daughter a reality.

By Kristi Pahr
November 19, 2019

When her daughter was just 3 weeks old, Ariane Clark took her to see Frozen at a drive-in theater. It was Ellery’s first movie and quickly became her favorite. “I can’t say whether she liked it or not,” writes Ariane on Instagram, “but she didn’t cry, and that‘s saying something for a tiny squawky Ellery."

Ellery’s love for Elsa, “her favorite Ice Queen,” only grew over the years. “Her first real experience trick-or-treating she asked me to make her an Elsa costume,” wrote her mom. “And of course I obliged. I hand-cut paper snowflake stencils and our entire house ended up covered in glitter.”

Earlier this year, Ellery was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer and immediately began an intensive treatment regimen. Even though her most recent tests showed Ellery was cancer-free, she’s struggling to recover. “wish I could celebrate. I wish I could jump for joy. My kid beat cancer. But in truth, cancer is still beating her,” explained Ariane. “Her little body and its systems took such a beating that she really isn’t bouncing back.”

Courtesy of Ariane Clark

Ellery has been waiting and waiting for Frozen 2, but, as Ariane wrote in the heartwrenching Instagram post, even though the movie comes out next week, Ellery may not have time to see it. “It doesn’t look like she’s going to get to see Frozen 2 even though it comes out in a week. She just doesn’t have that time. We are doing our best to make her comfortable, but the general consensus is that we have passed the point of miracles, and you know she tried.”

Once word of Ellery’s story got out, social media did what it does best. Ellery’s dad posted on Reddit asking for advice on how to obtain a copy of the movie. The Reddit post was shared on Twitter, then retweeted by Josh Gad, who plays Olaf in the Frozen franchise. Meanwhile, Ariane’s followers tagged and tagged and tagged some more—Disney, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Idina Menzel—anyone who could help. 

And guess what? It worked.

In an Instagram post, Ariane shared a selfie with Ellery with the caption, “Oh hey #socialmedia you did it! YOU DID IT! @disney is making this happen! Thankful to everyone who’s put a little magic behind us today to make this happen!”

Later that day, Disney got an early sneak peek copy to the family and Ellery got to see her favorite Ice Queen on the silver screen. "Ellery is Elsa incarnate, fearless, beautiful, the best big sister, and above all magical. This experience and @disneyfrozen 2 will stay with me forever," said an emotional Ariane in an Instagram update. She ended the post by thanking everyone who helped make her little girl's dream a reality. "Thank you to all the people who used their platforms to help make this wish come true @joshgad @justinbaldoni @schwarzenegger  and all of you who used your voices big and small to amplify it. The power of social media is really something else, there’s nothing you can’t do if your heart is in it."

To keep up with the family's updates or donate to Ellery's treatment, there's a GoFundMe page with more information on her journey.


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