So Long, Choco Taco—You Were the Best of Childhood Summers

That crunchy, almost soggy, ice cream combo represented the best of our childhood summers, but Klondike announced that the Choco Taco has been discontinued. Our '80s childhood hearts will never forget you.

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It was the best of times…and, well, that's it. It actually was the best of times. I'm talking about our '80s childhoods, and I'm guessing if you ask pretty much anyone who spent their summers climbing trees, chugging Kool-Aid, and riding their Huffy bikes up and down the street with not a care in the world other than being home by dark, they'll probably agree.

It was simple. It was pure. And we had no idea how good we had it.

And one of the best childhood memories is that magical sound (we all know it) as our favorite person in the world (in our favorite vehicle in the world) turned down our street. In some neighborhoods he was an old grandpa figure, in others, a younger kid trying to earn some summer cash. And honestly, age didn't matter. What mattered was that they brought the goods—including the one ice cream cream treat that reigned supreme. It was the ultimate, the top dog, the Great Bambino of frozen treats. Yes, friends, we're talking about the Choco Taco. And sadly, the news has broken that we all may be saying goodbye to this beloved snack forever.


You remember, don't you? That familiar "ding-ding-ding" would sound or you would hear the tinny version of "It's A Small World" and you'd bolt into the house, begging your parents for 50 cents. Maybe a dollar if you were feeling extra lucky.

My go-to was often the classic ice cream sandwich (mostly because it was cheaper than the rest and that meant we had enough for my sister to also get something and we didn't have to share). But if my grandparents were over and slipped me an extra dollar or two, I could, on occasion, score something expensive like a King Cone. I can still taste those crunchy bites to this day, 35 years later.

But that Choco Taco? Mmmmm. There was simply no comparison. And now it's about to disappear forever. A representative for Klondike, the brand owned by Unilever, confirmed that the Choco Taco has been discontinued.

No longer will a bunch of sweaty little kids be able to line up, greasy dollar in hand, fresh from a game of freeze tag or hide-and-seek, and eagerly order the single best ice cream treat to ever grace the face of the earth—okay, maybe it's closer to $3 these days and they were probably playing Minecraft, but still.

Never again will they relish in that first delicious bite—a combo of waffle cone, chocolate coating, peanuts, and fudge-swirled ice cream all in one. Never again will they be able to say "thank you!" and scamper off to their tree fort (or Discord chat), ready to savor each scrumptious taste, eating it fast enough to ensure they didn't have to share with their younger siblings (and before that taco shell became too soggy), but slowly enough to truly enjoy all the crunchy creaminess as it made its way into their little bellies.

But wait—it sounds like '80s kids aren't letting this one go without a fight. The generation who grew up with the mantra "Never say die!" are ready and willing to dig their heels in and save this beloved frozen treat so that future generations can have those same happy memories we all did.

Even Reddit co-founder (and husband to the legendary Serena Williams) Alexis Ohanian has tweeted out his willingness to save the Choco Taco.

"Dear @Unilever—I'd like to buy the rights to your Choco Taco and keep it from melting away from future generations' childhoods," Ohanian tweeted.

Yes! Save it, Alexis! We need this. The Choco Taco represents everything our idyllic childhoods were about—a time when you could still actually buy a treat if you had some loose change. A time before we knew how ugly the world would someday get. Before we knew what the words "Republican" or "Democrat" or "inflation" or "pandemic" meant. A time when our greatest worries were whether or not Santa was going to leave a Cabbage Patch Doll under the tree and how to get the secret mushroom in Mario Bros.

However, if it's not meant to be, and you truly are one of the many childhood memories that have now officially become just that—memories—then we say, so long, Choco Taco. Your crunchy, almost soggy, ice cream combo represented the best of our childhood summers. We love you, and our '80s childhood hearts will never forget you.

Never say die!

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